The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

Date: 10/17/97
From: Dragonflyer

I got sick this morning and that's when this beginning was written. I stayed home from school... now I'm missing Hercules to type this up. I really AM sick. Well, thank the gods for VCR's....


Jenni ran around the Temple trying to make sure the place looked scary enough for the Halloween party. The problem was that this temple belonged to Cupid, God of Love and no matter how many fake spider webs and bats she strung up the place still looked "nice."

"It's all these colorful pillows and what not that's ruining the effect. What am I gonna do?" Jenni noticed the time. "One hour before the guests arrive. The first party at this temple and it's going to be ruined because of my decorating."

Jenni ran to the main hall. The lights were still on but at least there was nothing colorful in here. Jenni waved her hand and the candles sparked to life. Then she turned off the overhead lights and the room danced in the flames. "Now this is more like it."

"Not bad, Dragonflyer," Sinn stated as she entered the room. "Very creepy."

"Yeah, but the rest of the temple looks too nice."

"Ah, no one's gonna mind. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna get ready. Merry Samhain, Jenni."

"You too, Sinn. See you at the party." Jenni went to her room.

"Good evening, Dragonflyer." Jenni noticed Ares sitting on the edge of her bed.

"Ares, I wasn't sure if you were going to come."

"Hey, it's about time some other god held a party."

"It's a Halloween party, where's your costume?"

"In due time, my lovely bard... in due time. I wanted to see you first. I never had a chance with you at my other parties."

"Well, let's make up for lost time." Jenni crossed over to him and grabbed his face and kissed him hard.

Ares broke the kiss and looked at her. "The god of love has done wonders for your self esteem. I like it!"

A half hour later, Jenni emerged from her room. She passed by a mirror and stopped to admire her Bacchae costume. "Boy, do I look like Gabrielle when she was bitten. Well, I better get to the party. Hopefully I'll be the first there."

Jenni checked her fangs one last time and ran for the main hall.

CONTINUE LADIES...(or anyone else)


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  1. Sinn arrives..                                Sinn
  2. Kiari and her guest...                        Kiari
  3. Two men?                                      Dragonflyer
  4. KimD gets ready...                            KimD
  5. Zelena arrives...                             Zelena
  6. The party continues..                         Sinn
  7. Ped arrives...                                Ped
  8. Let's paaarrrrtay!                            KimD
  9. In My Room!                                   nymph
 10. more..                                        Sinn
 11. Still partyin...                              Zelena
 12. Gonna be late as usual.                       Destine
 13. Talking and dancing...                        Kiari
 14. Change your partner....                       Ped
 15. And the party goes on...                      Dragonflyer
 16. and on...                                     Zelena
 17. dancing...                                    Sinn
 18. And another bust the dust...                  Ped
 19. Someone arrives...                            Dragonflyer
 20. Am I ever going to make it?                   Destine

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 21. A goddess comes a callin'                     Ped
 22. a brief interruption..                        Zelena
 23. Thwarting Aphrodite?                          Dragonflyer
 24. The night goes on...                          KimD
 25. Oh I am so late.                              Antiape
 26. confusion..                                   Sinn
 27. Oblivious...                                  Kiari
 28. Heading towards....                           Etana
 29. 'Phro is ticked!                              KimD
 30. A god pow-wow                                 Dragonflyer
 31. Showing her true colors...                    Ped
 32. And the night goes on...                      Zelena
 33. laughing..                                    Sinn
 34. arrival of new guests...                      Dragonflyer
 35. New guests?More the merrier!                  Zelena
 36. The Food Table                                Kiari
 37. Ok, here I come!                              Destine
 38. The floor slowly rotates...                   Ped
 39. more guests..                                 Sinn
 40. Okay time to Party                            Skye

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 41. A Brief Interlude...                          Kiari
 42. Relaxing a bit...                             Dragonflyer
 43. *More* dancing...                             Zelena
 44. I finally made it!                            Destine
 45. The tequila flows, as does the love...        Ped
 46. still more dancing..                          Sinn
 47. Some excitement...                            KimD
 48. oops..                                        Sinn
 49. A little more excitement...                   Zelena
 50. Another turn with Joxer, late arrivals        Kiari
 51. Calming the war god...                        Dragonflyer
 52. What a party!                                 Destine
 53. Discussion and an Epiphany...                 Ped
 54. A lesson from Ares...                         Dragonflyer
 55. Cooling down and Heating Up...                Zelena
 56. Ugly green monsters.                          Destine
 57. The night is lovely...                        Dragonflyer
 58. Something fishy going on!                     KimD
 59. The fishiness abounds...                      Ped
 60. Weird??                                       nymph

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 61. An unexpected arrival                         kriket
 62. And at some other corner of the room...       Kiari
 63. At the bar...                                 Dragonflyer
 64. Uh,oh a bit of trouble...                     Zelena
 65. waiting..                                     Sinn
 66. No offense meant...                           KimD
 67. Okay... :)                                    Sinn
 68. Confessions... well sorta                     Ped
 69. calming Ares yet again...                     Dragonflyer
 70. And still the party continues...              Destine
 71. Hiding from Hercules...                       Dragonflyer
 72. Resolved?                                     KimD
 73. Excuse the big ol' typo!                      KimD
 74. feeling strange..                             Sinn
 75. The spell ends...                             Ped
 76. Back to normal at last!                       Destine
 77. Whew!                                         Dragonflyer
 78. What a night!                                 Zelena
 79. An Unforeseen Message                         Amethysta
 80. Field Trip                                    Destine

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 81. She vanishes before their very eyes...        Ped
 82. The plot thickens further...                  Amethysta
 83. The party livens up yet once again...         Zelena
 84. Mother's Day...                               Amethysta
 85. Back to the party                             Destine
 86. More trouble                                  Sinn
 87. Ares in trouble...                            Dragonflyer
 88. The party draws to a close...                 KimD
 89. Thanks Kim :-)                                Sinn
 90. A little all night fun=P                      Zelena
 91. Zelena..:)                                    Sinn
 92. Sinn...                                       Zelena
 93. Will the Real God Please Stand Up?            Amethysta
 94. Sit, Stay...                                  Risha
 95. Yes                                           Skye

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