The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

feeling strange..

Date: 10/31/97
From: Sinn

Sinn convinced herself to head outside and get some air. It wasn't because Iolaus was already out there with Hercules, really it wasn't..she kept telling herself.

She found herself outside where Hercules, Iolaus, Jenni, Joxer and a couple of others already were. She noticed Jenni was trying to hide from Hercules by sitting on a bench behind some shrubbery in the courtyard. Joxer sat with her..staring at Gabrielle, who was being held in place by Meleager. He tried to distract her with conversation, but she kept stealing glances at Joxer.

~What in Tartarus is wrong with me?~ Gabrielle thought..I can barely tolerate Joxer normally, but right now I have this urge to, to ...give him a big kiss... ~ When Sinn came out, Gabrielle yelled.."Over here!"

Sinn looked longingly in Iolaus' direction. He was still talking to Hercules on the other end of the courtyard. Oh, how she wanted to go to him..but her friend needed her right now. She went over to Gabrielle, still sneaking peeks at Iolaus at every opportunity.

"What is going on around here, Sinn?!" Gabrielle asked as her friend approached.

"Well, Cupid and Kim seem to think Aphrodite has sprinkled some of us with some kind of obsession type thing. I don't really know how else to describe it. They think she's in cahoots with Psyche..and to tell you the truth, when I saw you and Joxer ga-ga for each other, I started to believe it myself."

"Aphrodite! Well, she'd better confess soon, or I'll have to go over there and.." she looked at Joxer again and got a lovesick grin on her face. He blew her a kiss, and winked at her.

Sinn grabbed Gabrielle's arm.. "Gabrielle!"

"Oh, sorry..he's just so cu.." She stopped what she was saying as she saw Aphrodite, Cupid, and Ares heading their way.

Dite stepped up to them and sighed loudly. "Do I have to do this Cupid? Are you sure you don't..."

"Now!" Cupid sounded angry.

"Okay, okay..."

Aphrodite touched Gabrielle's forehead, then Sinn's, then went across to Jenni and Joxer..

Gabrielle looked around..confusion on her face. "What just happened?"

"Aphrodite took the love spell off, you're no longer in love with Joxer."

"I was in love with Joxer? Again?!"

Sinn smiled sheepishly at her friend. "Afraid so."

Just then Iolaus walked up with Hercules. "Ah, there you are." he her a kiss..

"What was that all about? Aphrodite just came over and touched our foreheads!" Hercules asked.

Sinn laughed.. "Well, she finally confessed to putting love spells on many of us and she was just removing them, although some of us already had feelings for their dates..and she admitted this too" Sinn looked at Iolaus..

"Well.." Iolaus said.."She was right." He smiled at Sinn..who blushed.. "So, shall we go back inside and rejoin the party everyone?"

"Let's do!" Gab said, smiling at Meleager.

They all headed back in to the party, thinking it's been a wild night so far..


Sorry if this doesn't make much brain is tired! LOL

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