The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

Okay time to Party

Date: 10/24/97
From: Skye

Skye stands in front of the mirror examining the costume of a past era.

Antiape has made sure everything is correct down to the minute detail.

Her hair is tightly braided with golden beads at the ends of each braid. The dress is a form fitting sheath, a golden collar adorns her neck, a jeweled girdle circles her waist. Gold and silver braclets on her wrists and arms, golden chains on her ankles the costume finished off with delicate silver sandles on her feet.

Skye had agreed to Antiape's plan but wondered if this plan wasn't a sign of complete maddness.

"Maddness" mutters Skye turning and heading to the door. "We could share the same padded cell."

Standing at the entrance way to the party she stops and takes several deep breaths and say to herself "Come on Cleopatra lets get this show on the road."

Inside she sees many fellow priestess dancing or standing at the bar enjoying drinks. She looks accross the room and sees Ares with Cupid talking to Aphrodite. Thanking her lucky stars she heads to the bar to get a fortifying drink Turning from the bar she scans the room looking for Antiape. Seeing her she heads in that direction.

" Cleopatra oop sorry Skye forgive my slip. It's just that you look just the way I remember you."

"Cut it out Cat. I think I know what you are up to, but have you considered how he might react?"

Antiape bends forward and whispers in Cleopatra's ear. "Sister you may have figured out part of my plan, but you haven't figured it all out." Seeing the look of anger cross Skye's face. Antiape continues. "Come on it is just in fun relax your date will be here any minute. Oh here he is." Skye turns and comes face to face with Mikah.

Cleopatra turns looks at Antiape and shakes her head in disgust. "Now I know you are mad!! Completely bloody insane."

"You ever try talkin' my darlin' brother out of something? Nope didn't think so relax Me Hirmanha go dance with your date." laughed Antiape

"One dance Mikah thats all." Walking to the dance floor Skye cringes when she realizes it will be a slow dance.

Taking Skye in to his arms. "Relax Cleopatra" Mikah whispers in her ear. "Peace has been made. For now. If we have nothing else in this life but friendship I will accept that." Pulling back he looks down into her eyes. "If Ares doesn't have a sense of humor you can always come back to me."

Suddenly Ares is standing beside them. "I think I need to cut in here" Ares says.

Mikah steps aside salutes Ares and with a wide grin on his face turns and walks to the bar.

Looking into her eyes Ares tells her. "I think you had better explain all of this. The costume , Him. Explain fast little one."

Skye averts her eyes from his. " I am sorry Lord Ares, it really isn't a costume these are, I mean where my cloths. Others thought it would make a perfect costume for the party. As for him he is ummm, he is my date."

"I don't have to wonder who's nauseating idea this was, that bloody Antiape has stuck her tail in right, don't even try to deny it, this was all her idea, some people have really sick since of humor."

The music stop but instead of returning her to Mikah he takes her over where Hercules, Iolaus , Sinn, KimD and Nymph are standing talking. He bends down and whispers something in her ear. Turning to watch him leave she can't help but think Ohh Antiape I think you are going to get your tail pulled but good over this one!

Thanks Antiape for your help
Priestess of the Sky
Priestess of Serenity
Keeper of the Faith

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