The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

more guests..

Date: 10/23/97
From: Sinn

Sinn is all smiles as she hugs Gabrielle, then Xena. Xena smiles back at her in the way she reserves for her friends. "How are you guys? I didn't think you'd make it." Sinn asks.

"Fine, fine. Gabrielle threatened bodily harm if we didn't show up." Sinn laughed, and Gabrielle slapped a hand on her shoulder.

"What's wrong with Jenni?" Gab asks.. "she just ran out the door." Sinn sees Iolaus go out on the balcony after her..and looks concerned.

"I don't know, but I'll talk to her when she comes back in. I hope she's okay. She's been a good friend to me since I arrived here."

"Speaking of which.." Gab began, "I've been wondering how you were since you left us. I remember what you said about finding what was calling you. I guess this is it." she smiled at her friend and hugged her again.

"Yes..I'll tell you what happened after I left..."

Meanwhile, Joxer pushed past the throng of people already in the doorway, and headed for the table of food. Kiari left Auto's side and walked up to him. Soon they were dancing.

Xena and Gab shared a look. "Joxer dances?" Gab asked, shaking her head.

"There you are!" Iolaus said, walking up to Sinn.

"Yes, here I am.." she smiled at him, and took his hand as he got near. "Is Jenni ok?"

He frowned a little.."I'm not sure. Maybe you can talk to her. Hello Xena, Gabrielle"

"Iolaus!" Gab said, hugging him.

Xena smiled. "You look well." she told him.

"You too."

Zelena and Ephiny were speaking..with Cecrops and Ares looking on, then Cecrops led Zelena to dance. Ares had a strange look in his eyes as they retreated. Was it jealousy?

Just then, another head popped through the door... "Is there room for more?" Meleager asked..grinning. Gabrielle went over and pulled him in by the hand...he was followed by Iphicles, Destine, and Sinbad.

"Excuse me for a moment." Sinn said, she went over to greet the new arrivals. She hugged Destine, and smiled at the guys. "Glad you made it!"

Destine smiled and introduced her to Sinbad.

"Great to meet you!..."hope you have a good time. I hate to run off so soon, but I need to speak with Jenni. Will you excuse me?"

She grabbed Iolaus' hand and they walked over to where Jenni was standing with Hercules, Ped and Draco were nearby...Ped looked like she wanted to strangle him.

Jenni still looked a bit out of it.

"Dragonflyer?" Sinn said, putting a hand on her friend's shoulder. "Do you want to talk?"

Meanwhile Cupid was speaking with his Aphrodite and Heph...and Kim and Caesar were by the bar, still drinking Tequila...

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