The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

Oh I am so late.

Date: 10/20/97
From: Antiape

Antiape checked herself one last time in the mirror and nodded with satisfied approval. Late, oh she was late. there had been things to organise though, at least the present crisis with her Gods impossible brother. It had all turned out in the end though. Mikah had renounced his claim on Cleopatra, the war had been difused and her brother had promised her no more trouble making. What a reliefe, she thought to herself. She spun in front of the mirror the deep wine silk of the skirt flaring out in ripples. She smiled at the effect, perfect. The middle eastern style was flattering in the extreme, she was costumed as a belly dancer with the blackand wine and gold silk top decorated with gold coins that tinkled pleasingly at the low neckline and bottom of the top. she wore gold arm and wrist bands, her arms mostly bare. The skirt was full and split at both legs and she worethigh high wine suade boots, high heeled

Well she needed all the help she could get. She had always been sencitive of her height, hell for a K'dani she was down right delicate looking. She was only five ft four too. She wore her hair down over her shoulders and she slid the brush through it one more time. there were people to see and and places to be and an appointment to keep.

As she made her way to the main hall she admired the decorations and the soft glow of many candles threw warm golden light everywhere. for a while she simply mixed and mingled gossiping here and there and greeting all her sisters. As she was tapped on the shoulder she turned and was caught up in a tight embrace and treated to a smouldering kiss by his High All Mightyness. When he finally released her, she took a deep breath feeling the heat in her face that indicated a bright blush. She gave a good natured laugh and took the drink he presented her with.

"Damn, I must have gone the same shade as my dress!" She said with a rueful grinn all around the hall came the sound of her sisters laughter.

It had been a running joke all around the temple how long it would take Ares to finally thaw Antiape's mad at him. Glass's were raised to her as Ares proposed a toast, she didn't believe her ears though.

"to the taming of the shrew!" said Ares with a wicked grinn Jenni approached and gave a casual roman style salute and then spoiled it by giggling her eyes warm with laughter.

"Ooh Antiape you should see your face I'd swear it's gone the same shade as your dress. So what's this I hear about the special evant? Everyones dying of curiosity and the others aren't telling until you arrived. They are excited as, the mystory is killing us" She said with a laugh Some of the others seeing her arrival ambled over.

Antiape took in the costumes and was full of admiration for some of the ensombles. She felt positively plain by comparision. She gave a questioning look to Nymph and looked at the area shrouded off with lengths of heavy black velvet. She grinned "Everything all set up?"She said with an air of barely leashed excitment.

Nymph grinned with anticiapation and nodded.

"Are you kidding, Antiape, We are ready to rock!" she said with relish at that Draco seeing her came over and gave her a look that said * well what are we waiting for?* He raised his glass and grinned wolfishly, then winked.

"I don't know how I let myself get talked into this but what the hell sounds like fun!" He said his dark eyes hot with anticipation. It was obvious to every one despite his ambiguous words he was clearly looking forward to this. Antiape nodded slowly and grinned " Is Diviant ready with that whip of hers for the opening number?" ASked Antiape softly her eyes as filled with anticipation as the others. Draco nodded and laughed.

"Oh she can't wait and neither can the rest of us. Y'know I think I could get to like you Antiape, any one who can orchestrate something like this has my respect! Damn but this is going to be fun, So if you are ready your operatic feliness, let's get this show on the road!" He said his voice rising to an anticipatory roar that caught the mood of the crowd like only a master showman could. At his roar heads turned, the conversation quieted and there was an air of electric expectation in the air. The heavy black velvet parted revealing a large stage set up and decorated like something straight out of the most fantastical imagination. it was set up like a great potentate's room of justice complete with throne, marble pillers, with mass's of light black silk every where. Set up were musical instruments, large and powerful speakers plus various of the preistess's in place with their chosen instruments. For this performance they had changed into various outfits of black leather and velvet. Some in figure hugging jumpsuits, tall boots, with wealths of hair let loose and wild. Others in similiar outfits to Antiape, flaring layers of silk, lined around the neckline and bands of the skirts with coins. they looked spectacular, they glittered and drew the eye. Antiape and Draco and Nymph made their way to the stage and took their places. Draco taking center stage with barely leashed energy. Diviant grinned and winked, then advanced to centre stage along side Draco. She was dressed in the softest of black suade leather pants, tailored perfectly to her body, 4 inch Stilleto heels, with delicate chain anklets, her arms were bared except for the black leather arm bands with a soft suade bustiere, her midriff was bare and in her right arm she held a wicked looking cato nine tails. Her eyes were shining with pleasure at the fun to come. she raised her whip and snapped it cleanly through the air.

"Friends, Sisters, Lords and Gods. It is our great pleasure to present to you a small selection from the well known rock opera The crucified jew! Brought to you by Draco's Furies. To get the ball rollin' the scurgin' of the jew!" Cried Diviant her eyes flashing. Behind her the band roared to life and Draco taking the words of pilate and becoming a figure of power and strength that was simply electric. his voice soared strong and clear rich and vibrant. the guiters ripped into life, drums thundering in complimenary counter point, the synthesisor flaring into a cascade of notes sharp and weaving into the music, becoming part of it with an energetic abandon. And THen the music kicked up into overdrive, Draco's voice calling time to the Whip as it whistled cleanly, snapping forcefully, a wicked sounding thunder clap. The thunder of the music kicked up another level keeping time, setting thier blood to roaring in their veins as feet began to move and hands began to clap! Lights flashed in time to the beat of Diviant's whip and the crowd roared it's delight. Deirya"s base guiter was bitchin' it's deep roar punctuating the night, Nympth Kept the beat and built her own, a powerful counter melody weaving in with Deirya's her guiter and Deirya's playing the melody back and forth between them, artistry and power. The synthesisor wove through high and sharp, driving and catching the melody and adding to it, Destine's wild ebony mane whipped about her face as she wove her own magic into the mix! Through it, adding another strand to the ribbon of sound came the sound of a wailing almost electric harmonica, that kicked into the driving rythymas though born to it! Fire heart could hardly believe how good that Harmonica sounded, keeping time with the heel of her boot and just going for it, snapping her long firey copper silk mane in time to the Strokes of Diviants whip! Gods, they were cookin' alright, even Aphrodite was dancin' frenetically to the music letting go with a wild abandon that was shared by their sisters and the other gods themselveves, Oh it was Glorious! As the crowd roared counting the lash strokes, totally caught up in the wild music. All the way up to 39 and then theY kicked into Heavon on their minds! Draco's voice roared up the harmonic scale, rich and powerful and totally intoxicating! He was really gettin into it alright, his eyes flashed with pleasure as he gave himself completely to the power of the music, He danced with a frenetic, wild grace, riding the music and dominating it at the same time! Antiape threw herself into the drums, pounding out the matching thunder, Copper mane whipping about her face, eyes bright, the faint sheen of sweat making her skin glow. As the music roared and thundered she could not help but think to herself woh this is some party and I can begin to get why Draco has such an enthusiastic and devoted following the guy is soo hot! He's got the whole place on fire.

Hope you don't mind me including some of the other preistess's in this and oh it comes across much better with the jesus christ superstar sound track in the back ground. One helluva Party Me Hirmarnha's. Hasta La Vista
LOL xxxAntiape.

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