The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

Talking and dancing...

Date: 10/19/97
From: Kiari

Hey Destine! You're going to add more, right? Is that masculine voice the reason you'll be late?...

Okay, here's more from my end. It's kinda long. Hope no one minds...

Kiari and Autolycus were at the bar when Ped walked in. Kiari's eyes widened as she recognized her sister priestess' robe. But how?

"Hello Autolycus," Ped smiled at the king of thieves as she came up to them. "Hey Kiari."

"Well hello, dear Ped. You're looking quite lovely this evening," Auto greeted, taking her hand and kissing it.

Ped winked at him, then glanced at Kiari.

"Where did you get that robe from?" Kiari asked suspiciously.

Ped shrugged. "I picked it up somewhere."


"Now sibling, don't you worry," Ped soothed. "I didn't jeopardize my destiny or anything."

Autolycus raised an eyebrow. Sibling? They looked nothing alike.

The two glanced at Auto, then exchanged a knowing look.

"Come on Auto, dance with me," Ped said, taking his hand.

Kiari shook her head. "We'll talk about this later, sibling."

"Now, why do you two call each other sibling?" Autolycus asked as Ped led him to the dance floor.

Kiari sighed, knowing her expression was all gooey for Autolycus. She felt a whoosh beside her.

"Cupid, did you pierce me with one of your arrows?" She asked, turning to the god of love.

He grinned. "Not lately. Why?"

"Maybe it's your mother," she murmured.

A couple of the priestesses came by and chatted with them. Ped and Autolycus returned from their dance and everyone complimented Kiari and Autolycus on their costumes and how cute they looked together. Autolycus took Kiari's hand at one point and just held it as they talked with everyone. Kiari had a hard time concentrating on her surroundings. She really just wanted to go away with him somewhere.

KimD, in one of her very few moments away from Caesar, managed to entice Autolycus away for a dance. Kiari found herself face to face with Ares as her date danced.

"Ares, I am surprised to see," she said coolly. Okay, now I have some control, she thought to herself.

"Feeling out of control, my priestess weaver?" Ares asked, amused.

-Damn, I hate when you do that,- Kiari glared at him.

That wickedly sexy smile and that deep laugh. -My, aren't you in a mood. Maybe you shouldn't have let Kim take your latest love away.- Ares teased.

"He is not my latest love!" Kiari denied hotly.

"You protest too loudly," Ares said, a strange light in his eyes. "You think that your feelings aren't obvious to everyone here, including me?"

Kiari's eyes widened. Her feelings? For what?

Ares smiled. "I didn't come here to argue with you, much as it excites me to watch the expressions on your face. A dance, before your king of thieves returns?" He held out his hand.

Kiari swallowed her wrath, hating that Ares had that power over her. She placed her hand in his and they headed for the dance floor. It was a slow number, which she always liked to dance with her dear god of war. And oh, the attention he paid to her in that short dance. He held her with one arm and traced her face with a gentle finger as he stared into her eyes. They slowly swayed and moved to the music and Kiari could almost feel herself fall under his spell. Then the song ended.

Ares smiled at her and dropped a gentle kiss on her lips. Kiari smiled back at him, then turned to make her way to where Autolycus was waiting for her.

Autolycus watched her slow approach, his eyes taking in every detail of his lady. His lady? Whoa, he couldn't start thinking of her as "his" anything. She belongs to Ares, he reminded himself. And Cupid! But the thought of stealing her away gave him the chills.

"Enjoy your dance with the war god?" Autolycus asked, taking her hand again.

"Oh, you know, it was nice," she said, squeezing his hand.

"Nice. Hmm, I never thought I'd hear nice in reference to Ares."

"Don't tell. He can be very nice sometimes."

"I'm sure he can, when he wants something. Don't worry, your secret is safe with me."

She smiled at him. "Have we danced yet?"

"Actually, we haven't," Autolycus said. "Off to the dance floor with us!"

And so they went, doing a passable cha cha, smiles on their faces...

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