The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

*More* dancing...

Date: 10/24/97
From: Zelena

The dance with Cecrops was drawing to a close.

She glanced towards the temple entrance as yet more guests arrived.She saw Gabrielle pull Meleager in and Destine and Sinbad came in.Last was Iphicles.She hadn't seen him in a long time.she made a mental note to go over and say hi to him.She looked over and saw that Skye had already came in too.She smiled and waved a little at Skye.

The dance ended and Zelena kissed Cecrop's cheek.

"It was nice to see you again."he said and bowed again.

Zelena smiled and shook her head at the bow."Ditto."she answered.she glanced over at Iphicles.

Cecrops glanced over to where she was looking as Iphicles and the other guests that had just come in.

"Ah,I suspect that you'd be wanting to go say hi to him....I mean the other guests."Cecrops said with a knowing grin.

"Yes I think I will."Zelena smiled than grinned at him.They walked off the dance floor and Cecrops went to talk with some others while Zelena headed over to Iphicles.

Iphicles was just starting to talk with his brother Hercules.He glanced up as she walked towards them.

"Hi stranger."Zelena said looking at Iphicles.

"Hi yourself."he said quietly than not taking his eyes off of her,he said to Hercules.

"Do you mind if we talk later.There is something that I want to do."

Hercules looked at his niece than back at Iphicles."Not at all.Go ahead."he said with a chuckle.

Iphicles nodded towards Herc than walked over to Zelena and touched her shoulder."I want to dance with you...For old times sake."he added.

Another dance?Zelena thought.she had danced all night.She looked at Iphicles and couldn't say no.She nodded."For old time's sake."she said quietly.

He held out his hand for her to take it and she did.She walked out onto the dance floor again for another dance...

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