The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

A god pow-wow

Date: 10/22/97
From: Dragonflyer

Jenni looks over at the ever increasing god group in the middle of the room. Then she looked around at the other guests and the only one's oblivious to the situation is Kiari and Autolycus. ~This is getting ridiculous~ Jenni thought to herself. Still staring at the gods she says, "I'm going over there."

Hercules takes a hold of her arm. "Jennifer, please don't. You have no idea what a bunch of angry gods can do to a mortal."

"Well, they're ruining the party that Sinn and I took so long to plan. I won't have some over bearing, stubborn gods ruining it!" Jenni shook loose of Hercules' grip (quite hard to do) and stomped over to the gods. "Now listen up!" she yelled so all the gods could hear her. "This is the temple of love and your yelling and anger is ruining this party. I don't care who or why you're upset, just get over it and have fun."

The gods looked at Jenni like she was crazy. Ares and Cupid smiled, a little. Ares put his arm around Jenni. "You, my dear bard, are one brave mortal. Crazy... but brave." Ares turned to the other gods. "Jennifer is right. This is a party, so let's have some fun." Ares kissed Jenni on the cheek and then whispered into her ear. "Be wary of Hercules." Then he left to rejoin some of the other guests.

Jenni walked up next to Cupid. "My lord, do me one favor."

Cupid looked at her questioningly. "What is it?"

"Don't worry about your mother. I do have her under constant watch. It is my job."

"I know, little one, it's just that she can be so..."

Jenni placed a hand on his arm. "Cupid, don't worry. If things get out of hand... I always have Hercules close by."

"Yeah, I was kinda wondering about that. What's up with the two of you?"

"I don't exactly know. It's as if..."

"I had a hand in it?" Cupid finished.

Jenni blushed and looked at the floor. "Silly, huh?"

Cupid kissed Jenni on the cheek. "I assure you, I have nothing to do with your feelings." Then he, too, left to rejoin the others.

Jenni turned to see Heph and Aphrodite talking to one another and thought it best to just follow Ares and Cupid's lead and rejoin the others. As she walked up to Hercules, he took her hand and whispered to her, "That, my dear, was a really brave thing. Don't ever do it again."

Jenni looked up at him and before she could reply, Hercules bent over and kissed her passionately.



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