The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

Someone arrives...

Date: 10/20/97
From: Dragonflyer

Taking into consideration the last post's middle didn't occur...

Seizing the opportunity, Jenni grabs Sinn by the arm and pulls her aside as Iolaus and Hercules go off to the bar. Sinn looks at Jenni's expression of confusion.

"Jenni, what's wrong?" Sinn asks her.

"Sinn, I have this strange feeling within me. The only time I've felt like this before was when I was with Iolaus many years ago."

Sinn laughed. "Jenni, dear, you're in love... that's all."

"Sinn, I vowed never to love again after Iolaus. Why now... and for the gods' sake, why Hercules?"

"Why not?"

"I have never had these feelings for him before. It's as if someone is pushing me toward him."

"You don't think Cupid would do such a thing?" Sinn asked in surprise.

"No... I don't believe it's him..."

Just then, a flash of pink light fills the room. "Hello, boys... Dite is here."

Jenni rolls her eyes in frustration. "What is she doing here? I thought I could relax during this party. Now I'll have to watch HER and make sure she doesn't do anything stupid."

"Maybe she'll behave tonight," Sinn said hopefully.

"Who? Aphrodite? Unlikely."


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