The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

Gonna be late as usual.

Date: 10/19/97
From: Destine

Ok, my little addition to the party. Hope you like it.


Destine sat on her bed, trying to make up her mind about wheather or not to go to the party and just *what* she'd wear if she did go. Feeling restless she got up off her bed and walked to her balcony doors.

~Why don't you just face it,~ she thought as she opened the french doors so she look across the moon drenced valley, ~the reason you don't want to go is because nearly everyone else has a date and you don't.~ It was a depressing thought to think that the one man she wished *would* show up was hundreds and maybe thousands of miles away. "And probaly hasn't thought about me in months," she whispered to herself. A fresh wave of melancholy hit but she was determined not to let her musings get her down. "I'll go to the party anyway. At least I'll be able to have fun, even if I don't have a date! Besides, Jenni and Sinn went to so much trouble to set the party up, it'd be a shame if I didn't go and it is the first party of in the temple." A new feeling of excitement swept over her as she shut the doors and raced to her closet to see if there was anything she could use.

She tossed this and that out of her closet, trying to decide what would do the best for her costume. "Ah, there we go. This just might work", she exclaimed as she picked up a outfit. "It's a little strange, yeah, but I think I like it!" She shivered from a cool draft as she quickly pulled off her clothes and put on her costume. Well, what there was of it, anyhow. ~I wonder where that cool air is comming from? The fire hasn't gone out~ She turned from her mirror to see that one of her balcony doors was open. ~Didn't I close that before I looked through my closet?~ An errie feeling stole over her and then a large hand landed on her shoulder. "Don't turn around," a masculine voice said.



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