The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

What a night!

Date: 10/31/97
From: Zelena

Aphrodite and Zelena just glared at one another both their hands on their hips.Ped came over and 'straightened' Dite and Zelena out(<g>).She had to admit Ped was right.She glanced over at Cupid.He was looking at her oddly.

"What is it?Is my hair messed up or something?"She looked at Cupid looking at her.

"You were acting like *Mom*."Cupid said looking at her.

Gods she must have!She bit her lip at the thought."Oh Gods send me back to Tartarus!..Or the Elysian Fields.Whichever's faster!"she sighed."I don't want to act like *her*."Zelena said glancing over at Aphrodite.

Cupid laughed."It can't help but come out sometimes."

"The Gods forbid."Zelena cringed.

"Hey watch it!"Dite said,her hands still on her hips.

Cupid and Zelena looked at each other and started laughing.

What a relief that Dite confessed and now everyone could be back to normal.Ares and Cupid 'escorted' Aphrodite around so she could take the obsession spells off of everyone.Zelena was glad that Dite hadn't put one on *her*.But she sure had put one on Ares.She walked a little ways behind Cupid,Dite,and Ares as they went outside to take the spell off of some of the others.Zelena leaned against the doorway,her arms crossed and looked over at Dite having to take the spells off of everyone.She couldn't help but laugh at Dite's whining.She'd probably sulk for a month after this.After the spells were taken off they all went back inside but Zelena stayed outside for a moment.This has been a great party she thought.Even if there was fighting and spells and things like that.It was still really great.But than again when you get a bunch of Gods,demi-Gods,priestesses,and warriors together there was bound to be some kind of excitement. smiled.She felt the familiar presence behind her.She turned around and looked at Ares.

Without a word Ares walked over to her and looked at her,his arms folded over his chest and his eyes were dark and meancing.

Zelena smiled."You know at first I was pretty ticked cause I didn't know that Dite had a hand in this.I did get *pretty* ticked about you stopping my dance with Iphicles and calling me a..."

Ares walked even closer to her,his arms crossed looking at her."Well...perhaps that was uncalled for..but than again I wasn't myself."

Zelena looked at him,her arms crossed too.".. .Is that an apology from the God of War?"

Ares grinned."Take it as it is."

Zelena grinned and shook her head.

Ares reached out and cupped her chin in his hand."But you know..*If* I had been myself I wouldn't have tolerated being hit by a ball of fire and slammed against the wall and furthermore you know I would have *loved*.."He mouthed the word loved." have had a real battle with you..again.They can be quite...stimulating."Ares again mouthed the words stimulating.

Zelena looked at him,she raised a brow."Oh but I *bet* it would have.Another time perhaps."

"Ah,yes I look forward to it."Ares said quietly his dark eyes shining menacingly but passionately.He drew her face to his for a hard tantalizing kiss.But this one,like their first kiss tonight wasn't under the influence of the spell.

Ares drew back and traced her jawline and her high cheekbones looking down at her,this time his face was unreadable.He leaned down,his warm breath next to her ear and whispered." wasn't *all* because of the spell."He stood up and walked back into the temple.Zelena looked at him and shook her head.She laughed.Oh but the God of War could be mysterious.But she sure was glad he was back to his ole' self.As dark and passionate as ever.. .

A few moments later she felt a touch on her arm and a voice said."Thinking about the War God?"

Zelena turned around and looked at Iphicles."Oh of *course* not."

Iphicles smiled and looked at her.

"So what are you doing out here?"Zelena asked him.

"I was just coming to look for you.I wondered where you had gone off to.I was half afraid the War God had taken you off all to hisself.

Zelena laughed."Oh *really* Iphicles.All of it was the spell..remember?

"*All* of it?"Iphicles said with a knowing look in his eyes.

"Oh yeah of course."Zelena said waving her hand in the air dismissing it.She smiled at him and changed the subject."Oh how is your head?"

"Well unlike spells that have been cast by Gods, headaches won't just go away."Iphicles said."But I'm about as good as new."Iphicles said with a grin.

"well how has this party been for old time's sake?"Zelena said with a grin.

Iphicles grinned and looked at her."Oh and speaking of..why don't we go and enjoy the rest of the party and talk with the other guests?"

"I'm game. Let's go enjoy the rest of the party."She winked.

They smiled at each other mischeviously.Zelena sighed with relief.What a night!She thought and they walked back into the temple...

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