The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple


Date: 10/31/97
From: Dragonflyer

This should be my last post for the party. I would love it if KimD could write the ending (she is doing a fantastic job with the storyline). I've enjoyed myself thoroughly.

Aphrodite made her way over to Jenni and Joxer. She looked back at Ares and Cupid. "Do I have to? Jenni and Hercules look soooo cute together."

Ares glared at her. "Do it now! She is my priestess and..."

"I know, I know... you just can't STAND Hercules. You know, sometimes I wonder why Daddy just doesn't separate you two forever." Aphrodite touched Jenni's forehead and smiled at her. "What are you smiling about?" Jenni asked rubbing her temples as though she had been hit by a lighting bolt.

"Oh, nothing." 'dite turned to look at Hercules (which she had already fixed). "Look, here comes big bro."

Jenni looked at Hercules but felt nothing. She could have sworn that there was an attraction before. Jenni stood up and made her way over to him while Aphrodite fixed Joxer. "Hi, Herc. Strange night, huh?"

Hercules ran his fingers through his hair. "Yeah, real strange."

"Hercules... I, uh... What happened?"

Hercules put his arm around Jenni's shoulders. "Come back inside and I'll explain everything. I would still like to have another dance... if you don't mind."

"Mind? I think it would drive Ares absolutely nuts. Sure, let's dance." Jenni looked back at Joxer. He looked so sad and she vowed to dance with him again. ~I can't describe it but Joxer looks so cute when he's sad.~ Jenni thought to herself. ~Now, I know I don't "like" him but he's got his good sides. Maybe one day he'll find someone who could take really good care of him. He deserves only the best.~

Jenni looked at Gabrielle and smiled. Gabby smiled back, knowing what Jenni was thinking (they always have since they were children). ~I'll talk to you later, best friend.~ Jenni thought with her eyes. Gabrielle nodded knowing what that look meant. For now, Jenni was going to dance with the son of Zeus and show Ares a thing or two.


Great post KimD. I loved the Aphrodite thing.

Priestess Jenni (Dragonflyer)

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