The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

The tequila flows, as does the love...

Date: 10/24/97
From: Ped

Ped wipes the punch up off of Draco's chest. "By the gods I'm sorry Draco. But seeing Destine dressed as a slave dancer was just too much for me." Her eyes twinkle at him as she continues. "I could always make it up to you."

"Oh no... I always leave you more frustrated and horny than when I went with you."

"Pity." Ped says in her best falsetto voice. "I was sooo looking forward to sharing the new massage techniques I learned during my vacation..."

Draco sweeps Ped into his arms, and bends her backwards, just a little. "Well if it's a massage your offering." He leers at her.

Ped plants her hands on his chest and pushes. "Let me up Draco. You already refused my offer, so guess you'll just have to live with your decision."

When Draco does not let her up right away, the two friends hear something behind Ped. Ped looks up and sees Ephiny! Ephiny says, "Let her up warlord... or feel my wraith."

Draco lets Ped up, and spins her behind him. He looks at Ephiny like he's checking out a horse for sale. Ped rolls her eyes, because she knows what's coming next. Draco speaks to Ephiny. "The wraith of an Amazon Queen?!? What good is that here?"

Ped speaks before Ephiny can. "It's very good My friend, especially since Ephiny here is merely defending a sister."

Draco spins to look at Ped. "You're an Amazon Giggles?"

Ped wraps her arms aroud his neck and purrs to him. "And I have been since we met Draco."

Draco laughs towards the ceiling at that. "If I'd known that Giggles, I would've tried to get more for you."

"Wrong, I would have gotten more for you Draco, because an Amazon slave-trader can demand any price for her captives. Now if you'll excuse me I have someone to talk to." Ped removes her arms from around his neck, and walks to Ephiny. "Let's go over there," she points to the corner near the balcony doors, "and talk." The two Amazons walk to the corner.

Ephiny speaks first. "Anala? What are you doing here? Do you serve the God of Love?"

Ped laughs at the confused look on Ephiny's face. "No my old friend, I serve Ares."

"Ares!" Ephiny looks like she wants to spit on the floor after saying that name. "Whatever for?"

"Destiny my friend... It has always been in my destiny to do the things I do."

"Yes I remember you and Tireas always getting into long philosophical debates over the place of destiny in our lives. So what are your duties there?"

"Well my two primary duties are massage and tending the vineyards..."

"You're the one they call Ped!?!"

Ped's forehead scrunches up in confusion at that... "Yes I am. But why are you asking?"

"Because Anala... Gabrielle, who by all rights should be queen, is very much afraid of you."

"As well that irritating blond should be! She ripped up my entire vineyard last spring! I could have told her that grape vines aren't hollow! I mean I know Deirya was dying... but really? To ripe up an obviously planted vineyard... She's lucky that was before Dinoysos blessed my vineyard..." Ped lets her voice trail off, and she looks at Ephiny. "You did that on purpose." She accuses.

"Yes I did. I wanted to feel out how you'd react to my request."

"What request?"

"I want you to train Gabrielle in the ways of our people."

"She could learn that from going back to the village with you. Why would you want me to train her? I can barely tolerate her. Why do you think I call her the irritating blond?"

Ephiny looks at Anala ~No she calls herself Ped now... I must think of her that way~. "That is true, but if she returned she would automatically become Queen, she is not ready for that yet. She would never be able to defend herself against any sort of Royal Challenge."

Ped thinks back to the times she has seen Gabrielle fight. "True. But wouldn't the Warrior Princess be better suited for the job?"

"Xena is not an Amazon, you are. I can make this a royal decree if I have Ped."

"I will consider your request Ephiny, but it will take some thought. I have my hands full at the moment..."

"Whenever you have time... send me a messenger and let me know." With that Ephiny walks away.

Ped sighs and walks back to Draco. He eyes her up and down as she approaches. "I think I can see the Amazon in you..."

"I'm not an Amazon, at least not by birth. My people are the culture that Amazons come from." Ped shuts her mouth and looks around, hoping no one heard her... no one did. "I was adopted my the the Queen's second when I was fifteen. But enough about my past. Let's dance Draco!" Ped pulls Draco on the dance floor to a strangely erotic number, and she proceeds to seduce him, right there on the dance floor.


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