The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

'Phro is ticked!

Date: 10/22/97
From: KimD

KimD was quiet taken aback by the kiss. But she liked it. Heph was always so sweet and gentle. She knew he had done it for Aphrodite's benefit, though, so she played it up and wrapped her arms around him and kissed him back, long and hard.

When they came up for air he looked somewhat guilty and started to say something to KimD. "I'm sor.."

"Shh. I know what's going on. And besides, no matter why you did it, I enjoyed it. So, tell me. Did she see?"

He smiled and ran a finger down her cheek. "Thanks. And yes, she did. She doesn't look happy. I'm sorry if she takes anything out on you."

"Quite all right. I can handle it. I've known jealous women before. Never the mother of the god I served, but it can't be that different." KimD looked over her shoulder just as Aphrodite started to walk towards them with fire in her eyes. Cupid stepped in her way, stopping her. He said something to her, pointed to where she was standing, and walked up to the rest of the crowd just as Sinn was asking where he was. Aphrodite crossed her arms, glared at them, and pouted. KimD looked at Heph. "Let's head over to the rest of the group."


As they walk over, they pass within hearing range of Aphrodite. KimD hears her hiss, "Hagster!"

KimD, having had *just* enough to drink to be walking on the line between gutsy and stupid started to walk towards her. "Hey 'Phro, I didn't see you come i..."

At the same time Heph yanked her back by the arm, Cupid turned around and gave her the "raised eyebrow" that meant shut up.

As Heph and Kim approached the bar KimD begins, "Cupid..."

"I know, I to mom. I just wanted to tell you all to stay clear until this is settled." He headed over to confront her.

Ped and Draco walk in on the other side of the room. Sinn and Iolaus watch her and whisper between themselves. Caesar and Ares wander over and Caesar possessively stands next to KimD. KimD smiles. "Hi Jules." She loves it when he gets jealous, even if it is more of a pride thing than a caring thing. She takes his hand. Ares heads over to see if he can help the frustrated Cupid in dealing with his mother. The words "rip out..." and "hair" float across the room, as do "...what you see in her..."

Heph looks at KimD with a slight cringe. "I'm *so* sorry. I'm going to go over and try to staighten this out. I know you can't be the only reason she's mad. She was upset when she got here. I think she's just taking it out on you." He kissed her on the cheek and headed over to the ever increasing pow wow of gods. KimD looks over and notices Caesar giving her the same "raised eyebrow" look Cupid had, but his was more an insulted look than a "shut up" look. What these two boys could do with the lift of an eyebrow. It flashed through her head for about the hundreth time, "these two could've been separated at birth." She smiles and kisses Caesar on the cheek and whispers, "Get over it sweetcheeks."

Ped and Draco walked up just then. Ped looked much better. "What is up with the bimbo in pink?"

Everyone shrugged. Except Kim who just looked up at the ceiling. Then she realized who was missing. "Draco, where's nymph? I thought you two were coming to the party together."

Draco shrugged. "Some old friend of hers stopped by on his way to the party and needed help with his costume. She saw I was impatient and told me to just go." Then Draco grins. "Speak of the..."

Just then, nymph, looking fabulous in her "cat" suit, walks in on the arm of a fabulous looking warlord. KimD catches her breath. He looks *so* familiar, but she can't place where's she's seen him before. Then Kiari and Auto on the dance floor catch her eye and she remembers. During her travels with Auto they had seen him raiding a village. She had thought him sexy even back then and had wanted to know his name, but was never given the chance. She smiled to herself.

nymph and the warrior walked over. She saw the agitated discussion going on several feet away. "What's going on?"

The situation was explained to nymph. Then Kim saw her opportunity. "More importantly, nymph, what's the name of your guest?"

Caesar's eyebrow shot up and his grip on her hand tightend. Luckily it was her left hand. She held out her right one for him to shake. nymph rolled her eyes at Kim. If she didn't know her so well, she'd be annoyed at this woman with a gorgeous date flirting with her date. But she knew that it was just her. She and Kim were two of a kind when it came to taste in men. She smiled. "Everyone, this is Darnell." Darnell took Kim's hand and kissed it to Kim's pleasure and Julius' annoyance. Then he went around and met everyone else standing there.

nymph grinned at Draco. "I see you found the party."

Draco grinned back. "And I see you got Darnell dressed."

"Yes I did." She grinned evilly and looked up at Darnell with a twinkle in her eye.

Kim takes this opportunity to pull Caesar aside, who still has a tight grip on her hand. "Julius! Relax. I think we need another tequila body shot to loosen you up!" They head for the bar, while the god gathering on the other side of the room continues and Kiari and Auto continue dancing even though the music has stopped.


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