The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple


Date: 10/21/97
From: Sinn

Zelena, Sinn, Iolaus, Jenni and Herc stand by the bar, watching Kim and Heph dance...suddenly there's a pink flash in the center of the room, and Aphrodite appears.

"Aprhodite?!" Iolaus says..glancing at Herc and Jenni.

"I don't understand this.." Sinn adds.. "Where's Cupid?"

"Right here darlin'" he says..appearing next to her in a flash.

"What is your mom doing here?!" she asks..feeling a bit panicked. She doesn't trust Aphrodite in the least.

Just then Kim and Heph come over...looking as confused as they do. "Cupid.." Kim begins..

"I know, I to mom." he says..heading over to confront her.

Meanwhile, everyone turns to see Ped come back inside with Draco on her arm. Sinn smiles, hoping she will feel a little better now. She wants to talk to her, but feels awkward, since the two of them had never really spent time together. She waves shyly at the two of them.

Draco flashes that smile of his, and Ped gives her small smile in return.

"Looks like Ped has a guest" she says to Iolaus.

He turns to look. "I hope this will help her somewhat." he says..looking concerned.

Sinn gives Iolaus' hand a squeeze.."Me too sweetie, me too."

Ares and Caesar wander over, joining their group. Caesar heads for Kim's side..looking at her questioningly. He'd noticed that kiss on the dance floor and was feeling a bit jealous.

"Hi Jules" she says..smiling at him..

"So, Aphrodite is here." Ares says with a smirk.

"She's got to be up to something. Maybe I should go over with Cupid and see what she's up to." He heads over to the center of the room where Cupid and Aphrodite are speaking. Cupid looks a litte frustrated, and everyone wonders what they're saying...

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