The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

Cooling down and Heating Up...

Date: 10/26/97
From: Zelena

Zelena could feel Ares eyes on her still as she walked out of the temple.She was furious!How dare *he*!That almighty God of War thought that he could do anything he pleased.She walked briskly to the courtyard,not pausing.

Iphicles was just a little ways behind her and he caught up to her.Gods but she was walking like the hounds of Hades were after her!Her hands were clenched into fists.he knew she was definitely very angry.

"Lena do you know what you just almost did in there?!!"Iphicles asked astounded.

"Of course!"Zelena whirled around."I was about to wipe that cocky confident smirk off of his almightyness and far worse than that!"she said through clenched teeth."If I had only had my sword.Damn!"

"This is a *party* you don't bring your weapons along.You're not going to War."Iphicles said.

"Yeah but I would have if big brother hadn't stepped in."Zelena said,her eyes glinting with rage.

Iphicles walked over to her and pulled her around to face him.

Zelena stopped her furious pacing and looked at him.

Iphicles wished that he was a mind reader like her.But he wasn't.Right now it took more than a mortal *or* a God to read her mind.He couldn't even tell by her expression what all she was feeling or thinking.Her stare was expressionless,her eyes the most expressionable part about her.But her face was an unreadable mask.

"Zelena.I thank the Gods Cupid did intervene!If he hadn't there would be a War amongst Ares and yourself and the party would be a disaster right about now!You are very smart Zelena,rage and anger rarely blinds you.But I have to say it did tonight."

Zelena knew there was truth to what he said.And he was only concerned and he was being logical.Zelena sighed."I suppose you're right.But he had no right to stop our dancing or call me a whore.He is so stubborn and jealous and confident,self assured,and blinded by rage himself!He has no right to tell me who I can and can not dance with *or* kiss or whatever else I want to do."

Zelena read Iphicles mind.

"Yeah I know what you're thinking.I *am* his priestess.and so I am.But there is an agreement between us.The only reason I came to the temple was because of it.Well he *did* imprison me in a run down old temple and..But anyhow Cupid busted me out."She wasn't going to finish saying what all Ares had done.

"But anyway the agreement between us is the only reason why I agreed to be a priestess to him.And he seems to have forgotten it!I think I'm going to have to remind the Great God of War about it.."Zelena said and turned around.

"Oh no you don't Zelena."Iphicles said behind her."If you go talk to him now,when your temper hasn't quite cooled down yet.."

"I am not foolish."Zelena said and walked over to a stone bench swishing her gown aside she sat down.she was going to talk to Ares tonight but not at this moment."What you said was true.And I don't want to ruin my brother's first Temple party so I am glad that he stepped in.I noticed Herc was about to step in also.My uncle,Herc. Another logical one!"Zelena said with a sigh.

"You were playing with Fire,exteme fire Zelena.Any fight with Ares is fire.You know that.And besides if you two had started to fight I would have had to intervene also and probably get my mortal @$$ kicked.These situations,fights with the Gods..they're definitely intense"Iphicles said as he walked over to sit on the bench beside her.

Zelena couldn't help but laugh at that.She looked at Iphicles."I *like* fire."she grinned."Besides this wouldn't have been the first time that Ares and I would have had a battle amongst ourselves.No definitely not the first."Zelena said with a grin than became serious again."But still Ares didn't get jealous with me dancing with Cecrops and I had known him before and several others,so he had no reason to get jealous of me having a little dance with you,nor because we have a little history together that doesn't matter."

Iphicles looked at her and said quietly."You know it was more than a *little* dance.It was more than that Zelena.. ."

That was true."..I know."Zelena said quietly as she looked at him.

"I think you have cooled down a little bit,now you need heated up again."Iphicles said with a grin and leaned over and touched his lips to hers.

The kiss wasn't hard and demanding like the kisses with Ares,but somewhat softer but nevertheless passionate.

Zelena drew back when she heard footsteps coming into the courtyard.Iphicles looked over too...

She saw Jenni and Hercules come into the courtyard.They saw her and Iphicles too.

"Hey we didn't know you two were going to be out here.We could go someplace else if you want."Hercules said looking at his niece and his brother.

"No no that won't be necassary."Zelena smiled.

Hercules glanced over at her,eyeing her for any lingering signs of anger.From what he could tell it was still a little evident in the the sparkle in her eyes but the sparkle wasn't just there from anger but from something else too...

Jenni looked over at Zelena and Iphicles." I cooled down his almightyness."Jenni said with a grin.

Zelena looked at her."Good.He needed to be cooled down.."Zelena said.

"I'm glad I didn't have to act as another referee between you two."Hercules said."It would have been a big job to handle prying you two apart."Hercules said with seriousness but he grinned.

Iphicles grinned too."Yeah that it would.."

"Big job for a big man.."Jenni said and looked up at Hercules with a smile.

Zelena stood up and walked over to the edge of the courtyard to go back into the temple."Have fun guys,"she called back to Herc and Jenni.

"Hey you aren't going to be starting another fight now are you?"Hercules called.

"Ah..of course not."Zelena called back and grinned.

Iphicles stood up and walked with Zelena.He put his arm around her waist and walked with her back into the temple...

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