The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

A little all night fun=P

Date: 11/13/97
From: Zelena

(( (:I know I'm a little late in doing this but I am posting my last chapter for the Halloween Party here)) :)


Zelena glanced around the nearly deserted room that the Halloween Party party had taken place in.Only a few guests still lingered,but they were near the door ready to leave.Zelena noticed Cupid talking to the last bit of guests.It seemed that other priestesses and the rest of the guests had already left.Zelena walked across the huge room and over to Cupid and the remaining group of guests.

Some of them looked towards her as she came over to them.Xena glanced at her as she walked over.Zelena saw Xena.She sighed.At the first there had been a little bit of tension between Xena and herself.She of course knew that she still fought wars and led raids and stuff like that and probably thought she was doing it mostly for Ares. Xena herself being changed didn't like those kinds of people.Zelena walked over and stood next to Cupid.

Cupid looked up also as she walked over to them."I was just saying goodbye to the last guests."Cupid said.

"Yeah I think some of us and maybe including bro here."Zelena said looking at Cupid."thought that none of you would want to come back to any of the rest of our temple parties"

"Hey it great!Lot of fun stuff too.."Joxer said standing next to Gabrielle."Like the fights..yeah and when you slammed Ares against the wall, with that cool fire ball and alot of food too!!"

Everyone laughed.

Ephiny smiled at her."It was long time no see..friend"Ephiny said stepping out of the back of the group and coming forward she hugged her.Zelena returned the hug."Yeah it was."Zelena replied.

"princess.."Cecrops said with a bow.

"Would you stop that already."Zelena said smiling over at Cecrops."Besides I thought only Iphicles and myself and just a few others knew that."

Cecrops smiled and walked over to her and bent down and kissed her hand."Nice seeing you again."

Zelena smiled at Cecrops and nodded.

"cya Gab."Zelena said to Gabrielle.

Gabrielle smiled politely."Bye Zelena." Than Gabrielle looked over at Xena to see if she were going to be polite to Zelena also.

Xena looked at Zelena and nodded."Zelena."

Zelena smiled slightly and nodded too.

"I should go."Iphicles spoke up,breaking the momentary silence.

Zelena looked over at him and nodded."Don't be a stranger...okay."Zelena said.

""Iphicles said walking over to her and hugged her.Zelena hugged him back but the others could all tell that they wanted to do more than hugging.

Xena raised an eyebrow and the others looked at them before Meleager cleared his throat."I spect we should go now too."

"You guys better all come to our other parties!Sinn and Jenni worked hard on this one and there is going to be other ones maybe even better than this one!"Zelena called to them as Xena,Gabrielle,Meleager,and Joxer went outside.They nodded and waved.Cupid went outside to talk with them a second longer.Cecrops looked over at Iphicles than Zelena again and winked before walking outside.Iphicles looked at Zelena a moment than started to the door too.

Zelena smiled a little than picked up the hem of her gown and her blask silk cloak and started walking the other direction,towards her rooms.

"..Zelena"she heard her name called and turned back around and looked at Iphicles.

"yeah.."she answered.

Iphicles just looked at her a moment than a slow smile curved his lips.He started walking to her from across the room and Zelena met him halfway.He pulled her into his arms."..I don't really have to be leaving *yet*,perhaps in the morning.Tonight we could just.. ."

Zelena grinned up at him coyly."wahtever do you have in mind?"

Iphicles leaned down and whispered in her ear.Zelena raised an eyebrow looking at him than she smiled seductively.

There was another "ahem" heard and they both turned around to look.

Cupid looked at them than said.." sure mom didn't put a spell on you two too?.. .?"

Zelena and Iphicles looked at each other than back at Cupid and said simultaneously.."no.."

This time Cupid raised a brow and said."Let me ask this..what about Ares? I mean I don't think he would appreciate.."

"That's right I hadn't thought about him."Zelena said biting her lower lip and thinking a moment.

"Well..I defnitely don't want to be hit by any more lightning bolts or anything."Iphicles said with a good natured grin,thinking about earlier tonight.

"Ares won't know..."Zelena said with a mischevious grin.

Iphicles and Cupid looked at her with a slight frown.

"...because I think I am going to stay in my rooms here at *this* temple tonight."Zelena said than added.".....*And* because Cupid's gonna cover for me."Zelena said with a smile and looked over at Cupid. "..Aren't you big brother?"

Cupid widened his eyes a little and frowned.Zelena walked over to him.."come on..please."Zelena said with a smile than smoothed his frown lines away."Hey didn't your mother ever tell you that frowning gives you lines?"

Cupid laughed a little at that."As a matter of fact she has..and so do you..all the time..."than he adds..."alright..have fun..just don't tear my temple up or anything."

Zelena smiled and kissed Cupid on the cheek."Yes...*mother*"Zelena said teasingly.

Cupid smiled and shook his head and disappeared in a flash of bright light.

"See..all settled"Zelena said walking over to Iphicles again.

"But.."Iphicles started to say..shee put a finger over his lips and said "shut up and kiss me."

"Yes ma'am"Iphicles said.And Iphicles did just that...and a whole lot more as the night wore on,they reminisced over the past and had a *whole* lotta *FUN*(( (I'm sure you all can picture what happened)) )=P


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