The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

Some excitement...

Date: 10/25/97
From: KimD

Caesar was at the salt part of a shot (he had decided the best place for the salt this time was right in her cleavage and now he was taking his time while he was retrieving it) when everyone broke out in laughter. Draco was holding his shin. It was obvious Ped was up to her antics again. KimD grinned (as much as she could with Caesar's lime in her mouth). Then she caught Sinn's eye. Sinn burst out laughing to Kim's confusion. Until she remembered exactly where Caesar's face still was. She returned her attention to the job of enjoying this shot.

Caesar finally finished and grinned at her. KimD smiled back. "Feeling a little more relaxed?"

"Yeah. Three tequila shots have a way of doing that to you."

"Well, now that you're suitably relaxed why don't we..." Kim heard some commotion as some new guests arrived. "Oh my..."

"What?" KimD grabbed Caesar's chin and turned him back towards her before he could see who had just entered. Over his shoulder she saw Sinn and Jenni head for the new guests. She smiled up at Caesar, trying to hide the desperate thoughts running through her head. She worried silently. Caesar could not see who had just entered.

"Julius, would you like to go now?"

"Go? I'm just starting to have fun!"

"We can have fun at a private party in my room."

"We can do that later. Let's get back..."

Kim grabbed him and once again stopped him from turning around. She planted a great big kiss on him. KimD looked desperately around the room hoping to catch someones eye, all the while keeping Caesar in the lip lock. She saw Kiari dancing with Joxer, Ped with Autolycus, Zelena with Cecrops, nymph with Darnell, and Meleager with Gabrielle. She saw Skye and Antiape's brother. Then she saw Destine and her date. She hadn't seen them come in. She broke the kiss for better staring conditions.

"Whew!" Caesar took a deep breath. "What was that for?"

"By the gods, he's beauti..." She caught herself, but not in time.


She grabbed his face again and laid another big one on him, wondering if she could keep this up all night.

Caesar pushed her away. "OK. That's great, but I need some air!"

In all honesty, KimD did too. She looked around the room, hoping beyond hope that the coast was clear. She saw Ped talking to Ephiny; Cupid, Heph, and Aphrodite; Kiari back with Auto; Sinn and Jenni back with Iolaus and Hercules; and Zelena dancing with Iphicles. And Destine was dancing with that guy with the killer eyes. And Xena. She was still there. KimD swore silently. She looked at Caesar. His eyes were slightly glazed from all the booze. "How about another shot, sweet thing?" Kim was grasping at straws. Not only could she not let Julius see Xena, she couldn't let Xena see him or all Tartarus would break loose. Didn't anyone else realize the situation here? She looked around. Apparantly not. They'd always managed to keep them apart in the past. Xena had never shown when he was present before. It was bound to happen and no one had considered that. She mentally kicked herself. Still, she was fairly confident that as long as his back was to her, she wouldn't recognize him in his Ares disguise.

"I've had three shots already. Each one from different holes in your outfit."

"Well, this outfit has many more holes to go."

"I need to wait a bit before the next one."

"I've only had the one earlier this evening. How about I do another?" She didn't want another, but she'd deal. She was taking the lime from Caesar's mouth when she saw Destine looking over at them, puzzeled. KimD pulled back and she saw a look of recognition pass over Destine's face. But just as KimD motioned to Destine to come over, she turned away to greet Sinn who had just walked up. "Damn!"

"What is it, my dear?"

"Oh, it's nothing. Uhm, Julius. I'm really getting tired. Would you please walk me to my room."

"Only if you promise I can stay the night."

She let out a sigh of relief. "Anything, let's just go." She took his hand and they walked for the door. Just as they hit the door, from across the room, Joxer yelled, "Cool! Little hot dogs! Xena, look at these!"

KimD gently tried to continue guiding Caesar to the door in the hopes he didn't hear. No such luck.


"No, no, I think he said Athena." But there was no stopping him turning around this time.

"No, it was definitely Xena."

Kim tried to block his way.

"Excuse me."

"Jules, I feel faint." KimD swooned into his arms.

He caught her, but slid her to the ground and stepped over her. "You'll be fine."

"You son of a..." KimD grabbed his ankle and tripped him.

She pulled herself up his leg as he struggled to get back up. Every time he would start to get up, she would pull him down again.

"Stop that!" He tried pushing her off one leg with the opposite foot, at one point pushing on the top of her head with it.

Hearing the commotion, Xena looked in their direction. A look of hate passed across her face. "Caesar." She started to walk towards them.

"No Xena!" Gabby stepped in front her her.

"Out of my way." Xena stepped around her.

"Let me atter!" Caesar slurred. Fortunately for Kim, the tequilas and rums and cokes were making it easier to keep him from getting up.

Hercules took Xena's arm and stopped her. "Don't."

KimD finally managed to catch up to Caesar and she sat on his back, straddling it. She looked to make sure her outfit was still in place in the vital spots. She did not dress for wrestling.

Caesar turned around so that she was sitting on his chest. "Let me up."


"Aren't you supposed to be passed out or something?"

"I recovered, no thanks to you."

"Let me up."


Caesar grabbed her and rolled her over so that he was pinning her. "Fine, I'll get up by myself." He stood up and started to walk away, but Kim grabbed his ankle and tripped him again. "You're starting to make me mad."

KimD looked desperately around. By now everyone was staring. "Hello! Is someone going to help me?"

Cupid stepped up. He took Caesar by the arm and pulled him up. Keeping his grip in Caeser, he helped KimD up. Caesar tried to break out of Cupid's grip. KimD took Caesar's other arm. Just then Xena broke away from Hercules and walked up and punched Caesar in the face. In their shock, Cupid and Kim let go and Caesar fell flat on his butt.

KimD looked angrily at Xena. "How dare you? We were holding him and he was defenseless. Not to mention he's drunk."

Xena gave her a look of contempt. "Don't worry about him. He'd be the first to take full advantage of the upper hand. In fact, I see he's already managed to separate your heart from your sensiblities. That's his specialty."

"That's it." KimD went for Xena, fist raised. Just before she threw the punch, which the warrior princess didn't seem too concerned about, someone grabbed her raised arm, pulled her back, and pinned both her arms in his. "LET ME GO!" She started to kick and struggle.

Caesar sat on the ground rubbing his jaw. "Gee. My hero."

"I think you'd had a bit too much to drink yourself, my dear." Ares just held on tighter.

Hercules stepped in front of Xena again as Cupid helped Caesar up. Cupid looked around at the gathered crowd. "Break it up everyone. Back to the party, got it? And for anyone that can't get along, either leave or learn to ignore each other while you're here because I won't have this. You are guests here. You can kill each other next time when you meet somewhere else."

Xena forced a smile at Cupid. "You're right. I'm sorry. I don't know what I was thinking."

Caesar walked over to Kim, who Ares had released and put his arm around her, keeping his eyes locked on Xena's the whole time. "Yes, Cupid. It won't happen again." He looked down at KimD. "That was sweet of you to try to defend me, my dear. Thank you." He gave her a long, deep, sweet kiss. When they finished, they looked at Xena. She was staring icily at them.

KimD, her eyes flashing from anger at Xena's low blow, raised an eyebrow. "What, Xena? Jealous?"

Xena's eyes narrowed. "Fool." She walked away.

Deep down, Kim was already regretting putting herself at odds with Xena, but she was also stubborn. She sighed. "Xena and Aphrodite in one night. Who next? Zeus?"

Caesar squeezed her waist. "Don't even go there!"

"I *never* get in fights like this!"

"First time for everything, babe."

Kim smiled at him. She looked around. Everyone had pretty much wandered off again, though she was getting concerned glances from around the room. Well, she'd just show them she was fine.

"Jules, I'm going to go meet Destine's date. Why don't you get us some drinks? I think I need another."

"You got it!" He slapped her on the butt (well, it seems to be the theme tonight ;-) ) and headed for the bar. KimD headed for Destine and the beautiful man, who were standing with nymph and Darnell, mentally complimenting Destine and nymph and herself -- heck all the priestess -- on their fabulous taste in men.

Sorry this was so long!!! I got carried away!


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