The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

Sinn arrives..

Date: 10/18/97
From: Sinn

After speaking with Jenni in the main hall, Sinn hurried to her room to bathe and put her costume on. She was really excited about the party. Halloween had always been special to her, and now she was going to celebrate it with her new, wonderful Priestess Sisters.

She began to get a little nervous as she filled her tub with water and started gathering her costume. It had taken her until yesterday to decide what she was going to wear and she'd finally decided on dressing as a faerie. She'd chosen a short white-lace dress with white silk hosiery and white faerie boots. She was going to carry a sparkly silver wand with glitter all over it, and of course she had thin "wings" sewed onto her dress. She also planned to put a little glitter on her face over her makeup. After she'd pulled out all the pieces to her costume she went back into the bathroom to check her bath water. It was just full enough, so she turned off the faucet and was starting to undress when she heard a knock on the door.

"Darn it.." she thought. "Isn't it always the way?" "Hang on!" she yelled..trying unsuccessfully to zip her dress up as she hurried toward the door. Giving up on the zipper, she opened the door a crack and found Iolaus standing before her. Smiling, she flung the door open wide, forgetting that her dress was falling down her shoulders.. "Iolaus!" she said..rushing into his arms. "I'm so glad to see you!"

"Wow!" he grinned...noting that her dress was almost off her breasts now.."if I'd known I'd get this kind of reception I'd have been here much sooner!"

Sinn blushed and tugged her dress up over her shoulders. "Sorry, I was just getting ready to take a bath and get ready for the party." she said.

"Oh, well in that case..I can stop by later.." he began..

"NO!" she shouted..then..embarrassed by how loud that came out..she cleared her throat.."I mean, no need for you to leave..come on inside. I really am glad to see you."

Iolaus smiled, and stepped inside her room..Sinn quickly shut it behind she was even more nervous. Ever since Bliss had hit her with one of Cupid's Love Arrows she'd had it bad for Iolaus..even though Cupid had fixed everything later..or so he said.

Once inside the room..Sinn finally noticed Iolaus' costume. He was dressed as a vampire..and he looked incredibly sexy. His long wavy hair was tousled, and he had some great realistic fangs on. He was dressed in a black suit with a black cape..which had red silk lining. He made a perfect vampire.

"You look incredible!" she gasped..

"Why thank you, m'lady"..he bowed to her.

She smiled at this, and felt her heart skip a beat or two in response.

"So.. what brings you to the party so early?" she asked. "No one is even here yet except for Jenni, Ares, and now you."

"..and Hercules." he added.."He's out in the main hall speaking with Jenni. Hopefully he and Ares will be able to get along for one night." he sighed.

"Well?" she prodded.."why are you guys here so early?"

Iolaus looked down at his feet as he spoke.. "Well, I sort of rushed Hercules to get here..because I was hoping to see you before the others arrived."

Sinn sat down on the bed..stunned.

" to see me?" she pointed at herself.

Iolaus nodded, then moved to sit next to her on the bed. She was silent for what seemed an eternity as Iolaus sat next to her..she was too aware of his close to her..she could reach out.. She was still thinking when she noticed Iolaus leaning towards her. Nervously, she also leaned in towards him, and their lips met. It was a soft, tender kiss..barely a whisper..and it left her lips tingling when they pulled away. They stared into each others eyes, then suddenly they were entwined and kissing with a passion that took her breath away. Finally they had to stop to catch their breaths..

"Iolaus" she whispered..feeling a familiar, intense feeling flood her soul.."By the Gods.."

Iolaus smiled at her warmly, reaching out to touch her face.. Sinn didn't know what to say or do..her head was spinning..

"I...I...have to take a bath and get ready" she finally said regretfully. She suddenly wanted to stay here in her room with Iolaus all night, and she didn't understand the intensity of her feelings.

"May I join you?" he asked. Sinn smiled..she was pleasantly surprised.

"Please do."

Iolaus took her by the hand and led her to the bathroom..undressing her as she undressed him.

"Your costume.." she began.

" easily put back on.." he finished, grinning.

"Okay" she relented..and together they stepped into the hottub..


When they finished their soak, and Iolaus had washed her hair for her..they stepped out of the tub to begin getting ready. Sinn stayed in the bathroom drying her hair while Iolaus went back into the bedroom to put his fangs back on, and his costume back together. Sinn finished her hair..putting it into an upsweep with tendrils framing her face..then she put on her makeup..and topped it off with a little glitter on her cheeks. Finally, she emerged from the bathroom.

"You look beautiful" Iolaus said, stepping towards her and taking her hands.

"And you look very handsome" she said, eyeing him.

"I can't wait to see your costume" he smiled.

"Well, I was just about to put it on, so you won't have to wait long" she replied.

She went over to her dresser where she'd put the pieces of her costume, and began to dress..using Iolaus strong shoulder for support when she needed it. Finally, she was ready for the party.

"What do you think?" she asked..grabbing her wand from the dresser.

"I love it!" he grinned.."My lady, shall we go?" he bowed.

"Of course" she smiled..taking his arm.

They then left for the main hall, excited about the very first party in Cupid's Temple.

When they arrived, Jenni motioned for them to come over..she was with Hercules and Ares..who were actually tolerating one another.

"Over here!" she Iolaus and Sinn..arms still interlocked, entered the room..


Waiting for more guests... :)

High Priestess
Priestess of the Love Arrows
Keeper of the Bath
Keeper of Cupid's Temple

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