The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple


Date: 10/23/97
From: Sinn

"Everyone..I'd like you to meet GIGGLES" Draco said, sitting on the floor next to Ped. Ped kicked him in the shins. "Ow!" he was still grinning.

The room broke into giggles, except for Aphrodite and Heph, who continued to talk in the center of the room.

KimD and Caesar looked over, in the middle of doing body shots. Caesar's head was in Kim's cleavage, and Sinn lost it at the sight..giggling uncontrollably. "What?" Kim asked..looking genuinely confused.

Cupid then came over to their little group. "So, High Priestess..would you indulge your Lord in a dance?"

"Sure Cupid...just a second." She turned to Iolaus. "Do you mind?" she asked him.

"Nah, you go ahead. Just don't get lost." he winked at her.

"Never." Sinn was dead serious in her answer..then she kissed him on the lips..lingering Cupid took her hand and led her to the dance floor then, breaking the kiss. Sinn continued to look back at Iolaus.

When they reached the dance floor, he took her in his arms. It was another slow number. "Is that love I see in your eyes, Sinn?" he asked.

"You should know, God of Love" she grinned. "You or your mom don't have anything to do with it, do you?"

Cupid raised an eyebrow. "No, Priestess mine..I would never do that to *any* of my Priestesses, and mom never does anything that doesn't profit her directly."

"Well, I can honestly say I'm falling for him hard, then."

"I thought as much." he said.."just don't abandon me." he kissed her quickly on the lips as the dance ended. "Thank you for the dance, doll." He said, and kissed her hand.

Sinn headed over to rejoin her friends, noticing that Zelena had come back in. She waved at her and smiled.

"Glad you came back in." she said..arriving at Zelena's side. Iolaus was on the other side of her, next to Jenni and Hercules..who were gazing at each other and talking. She also noticed they were holding hands.

Iolaus took her own hand, and gave it a little squeeze.

Sinn squeezed his hand back, and turned to Zelena. "So, Zelena. I've noticed that you and Lord Ares have quite a chemistry going tonight."

She couldn't make out what was going on in Zelena's mind. Just then Ares approached, his eyes glued to Zelena.

He walked straight to Zelena, reaching out and tracing her jaw with his finger. "You are so beautiful, my Sorceress." he said. "Let me get you another drink, and let's talk."

Kiari and Autolycus had barely left the dance floor all or no music, they continued to sway in each others arms..pretty much oblivious to all around them, even though Aphrodite and Heph were nearby.

Hearing voices near the Temple entrance, everyone turned to see Cecrops (Lost Mariner), Palemon (Blind Faith), Salmoneous, Joxer, Ephiny, Xena and Gabrielle coming through the door. Jenni and Sinn looked at each other, then excusing themselves, ran to greet their friends.

"Gabrielle! Xena!" Sinn called..

"Sinn!" Gabrielle ran for her..Xena not far behind and all smiles. They embraced warmly, then she moved to hug Xena.

"By the Gods!" Sinn said, "It's great to see you guys again."

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