The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple


Date: 10/25/97
From: Sinn


OOPS! Looks like I forgot about Caesar and Xena's little history for a sec there...sorry about that...:(..but I *Loved* your post!! Glad you got it worked out, and stayed at the party. Now..I'll continue..

Sinn and Iolaus just stared in amazement as Xena walked over to Kim and Caesar. She had totally forgotten about the two of them being at the same party and what trouble it would cause.

"By the Gods!" she sounded panicked.

"Uh oh.." Iolaus stared at the scene before them.

Sinn tried to get up to go speak with Xena. Since they were friends.. Maybe she'd be able to stop her from approaching her other friend..not to mention High Priestess...but Iolaus pulled her back down just as she was getting up.

"Better let Ares and Cupid handle this."

Hercules had tried to stop Xena from getting near them, but he failed. Everyone watched the heated exchange, holding their collective breaths.

Sinn gasped as Xena hit Caesar, then she saw Ares holding Kim back. She was trying to go after Xena. Cupid spoke with all of them, and she saw Xena and Caesar both nod in agreement. Kim and Caesar then kissed..with Xena still staring. When they broke the kiss, she said something to Kim and walked away.

"Oh my Cupid! I'd better go over right back." she said to Iolaus.

"I'll get us some more drinks. Meet me back here."

"Okay sweetie.." She paused to give him a quick kiss, and he swatted her on the butt as she walked away. (Yes, it *is* a theme for the night..*grin*)

Sinn walked up to Kim..a mixture of a sheepish smile and horror on her face. "Kim! I'm so sorry! I had sent word to Xena and Gabrielle before I realized Julius would be here..then with the arrival of Aphrodite, then all the other guests, I just didn't put two and two together. Please forgive me!"

Just then Gabrielle came up..concern on her face. "I'm so sorry about what happened." She said to Kim.

Jenni walked up to Hercules..who was still standing nearby, and pulled him away to the table where Iolaus was sitting with he and Sinn's drinks..this time they were drinking Long Island Iced Teas. She would need something strong after this!

Xena looked over at her friends questioningly...wondering what they were saying to Kim..she was barely aware of Joxer going on and on about the food next to her.

Cupid and Ares came over to speak with her, and Joxer finally quit talking..

"Xena.." Ares began.."I know how you feel about Caesar but you have to put that aside for tonight."

"Yes.." Cupid joined in.."I meant what I said. This is my Temple and I will not stand for fighting, particularly if it involves my High Priestess." Xena's eyebrow raised at this..and he continued. "Yes, she is also my High Priestess..along with your friend" he gestured to Sinn "and if you can't be civil to her and her date, then you will be the one to go..she stays."

"Fine." Xena said, her jaw set.."I will promise to leave them alone, but only because Sinn is my friend, and not because you say so." she shot Cupid a look.

Cupid raised an eyebrow (again) and turned to walk away. Ares stayed behind to calm Xena down some more...Joxer munched on "little hot dogs" and watched the party around him..

~~So many beautiful Priestesses~~ he thought ~~I wonder if anyone would dance with me? Maybe Kiari would dance again..~~ He popped the last hot dog in his mouth and set off for the dance floor where Kiari and Auto were....


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