The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

And at some other corner of the room...

Date: 10/28/97
From: Kiari

Kiari and Autolycus were sipping their drinks. He was telling her about his latest adventure about a beanstalk and Harpies and Hercules saving the day yet again. With help from the king of thieves, of course. The two seemed quite oblivious to most of the stuff happening around them. Kiari had firmly put Hades and Persephone out of her mind, intent on enjoying the company of the handsome man before her. And Autolycus was determined to keep that sparkle in the priestess weaver's eyes.

"Not again," Kiari sighed, watching Cupid storm to his mother's side. She watched Ped sneak over to the gods, but she couldn't hear what her sibling heard. Oh, but she had that knowing look on her face, Kiari thought to herself.

"You know, for this being the temple of love, there's been more confrontations than you'd think," Autolycus observed.

"It's strange, isn't it? And yet it seems as though almost everyone in here is falling in love with someone." Kiari couldn't tear her eyes from his.

Autolycus raised an eyebrow. "Everyone?" But his eyes denied his denial.

Neither of us will admit it, Kiari realized, but we both feel it. Something is definitely going on.

Autolycus downed his drink and held his hand out. "Come on, let's dance."

Kiari smiled and put her hand in his. "Well, why not?"

They headed for the dancefloor once more, just as kriket walked through the door. Kiari broke from Autolycus' embrace and flew to her sister priestess, very happy to see her again. Ares was staring at kriket, his expression dark, yet there was a light in his eyes...

(who should be packing for her trip across the country, but couldn't resist writing just one more chapter for this rather awesome party... Great to see you again kriket! {{{{{kriket}}}}} )

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