The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

The party continues..

Date: 10/18/97
From: Sinn

Sinn and Iolaus had gone over to Jenni, Ares and Hercules. They all greeted one another with hugs, then Jenni pulled her aside..asking to be promised a dance with Iolaus later.

"Of course" Sinn laughed..Jenni smiled, then went back to Ares and Hercules..who went to get Jenni a drink..

Soon afterwards, Kiari and Autolycus arrived in their Cowboy outfits..looking like the cutest couple she'd ever seen. She and Iolaus waved at them. They waved back, and turned their attention full force on one another. "Don't they look great together?" she asked Iolaus.

"Yes, they do." he observed.

Just then Zelena entered the room, heading for Ares..The two of them spoke, then began to dance to (what are we dancing to Zelena, anyone? Ideas?)

Iolaus noticed Zelena and Ares dancing, and looked at Sinn, smiling. "Shall we?" he asked.

She smiled at him in return, saying "I'd love to!"

He took her hand and began to lead her to where Zelena and Ares were..

Iolaus took her in his arms and they lost themselves in the dance. She felt her heart begin to race again at the contact. Iolaus smiled at her and leaned in for a kiss...

High Priestess
Priestess of the Love Arrows
Keeper of the Bath
Keeper of Cupid's Chambers

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