The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

No offense meant...

Date: 10/29/97
From: KimD

Hi Sinn. :-)

you said:
>..and that is how I feel about this. Sorry guys, but I really do like
>Iolaus...much like some of the others have their favorites who
>visit on the side. :)

Well, I wasn't trying to step on any toes either. It's just that all these love things were getting a little serious. People have others on the side, but it's never seemed as serious as several of them were seeming tonight. And other "loves" in the Temple were old loves that were over, though there were still feelings, or with an unknown, or a devotion to another god...

>some others do. He's simply my date for this party, I like him a
>lot, and my feelings are not caused by any God...and in my
>fantasy world, neither are his. Hope I haven't stepped on
>toes with this post.

It's just that it was starting to seem like more than that for several of the "couples" tonight. I by no means meant to say "You're not allowed to fall in love!" But, in general, we try not to make any one character or god too devoted to any one Priestess, though some do have more involved relationships than others. Us old-timers have found out it just results in silly jealousies and fights. I was just kind of hoping everyone would play along and if they had feelings before the party that Aphrodite and Psyche just intensified them into silly, head-over-heels love that everyone seemed to be having tonight. And they could still have them -- but slightly less intense -- tomorrow. It's just that -- and I don't want to offend anyone, I've enjoyed *everyone's* posts -- I didn't see the point of having a party if everyone is going off into separate corners mooning over each other. I've tried to liven things up several times and it hasn't worked much. Sorry if I stepped on your toes re: your feelings for Iolaus. (Or anyone else's feelings for anyone) I hope you still decide to play along. You can still like Iolaus tomorrow. But it'd be pretty silly for Psyche to get all but one of us. It's just that Ares' parties were so much more exciting! Everyone dancing w/everyone. Ice sculptures being broken. Weird ice cubes. Big entrances. Lots of lust!! Notice I didn't say *love*.

Anyway, that's it. Hope no one's mad at the route I decided to take. I truly didn't mean to offend anyone.


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