The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

Still partyin...

Date: 10/19/97
From: Zelena

After the dance ended with Ares she kissed him briefly,teasingly on the lips than stepped back. He reached for her but she shook her head.

"I gotta go mingle."She said with a grin.

He frowned a moment than said."You are going to save me another dance."Ares said looking at her.It was rather a statement not a question.

Zelena acted as if to think long and hard,tapping her chin."..Hmmm...perhaps."she said looking at him."That is if you're a good boy."She gave him a playful grin than walked away.Ares eyes followed her as she walked across the dance floor.

Zelena saw Cupid,Autolycus and Kiari and Ped.She walked over to them. She looked at Kiari and Autolycus."Hey nice costumes."

Auto looked at her."You don't look so bad yourself."hes said with a grin.

"Thanks Don Juan."she said smiling at him than looked over at Kiari."You guys really do make a great couple tonight.What with the matching outfits and all."

"Yeah I kinda liked them myself."Kiari said glancing over at Autolycus and grinning.

"Well hey aren't ya gonna say hi to me sis?"Cupid asked looking over at her.

"Hmmm..nope."Zelena said.

"Well might I also add that you are looking rather beautiful tonight."Cupid said with a grin looking over at her.

"Thanks.."Zelena said than turned back to the others.

"I'm trying to make peace.You can't condemn a God for trying."he said with a grin.

"Do you want to dance?"Cupid asked her.

Zelena looked at him."You dance too?Geez I've never seen you either.I'm sure you don't want to dance with your sister.Anyways there are plenty of others that would surely like to dance with the God of Love."

"Yeah my sister.A very beautiful sister."he said with a grin.Evidently trying to make peace.

Zelena sighed and looked back at Kiari and Autolycus.She smiled at them and waved a little and walked back out on the dance floor with Cupid.

They began dancing and Cupid looked at her."So I saw you out on the dance floor earlier dancing with his Almightyness.How was it?You know to tell the truth I personally have never seen him dance before."

Zelena looked at Cupid."Well neither have I,but he danced very well."She said with a smile and glanced over at Ares where he was talking ot some others.His gaze met hers before she looked back to Cupid.

"So I haven't seen you in a little while.You haven't been trying to avoid me have you?"Cupid asked with a little grin.

" not wanting to talk."Zelena answered.

"Are you still mad at me for the latest Bliss incident?"he asked looking down at her.

"Yes for the fact that you knew all along and didn't try to stop any of it."Zelena replied glancing at him.

"Well..I was busy." Cupid said with a grin.

Zelena grinned and looked at him."..Yeah I knew that.But still.."

"Ah come on aren't ya gonna forgive me?I promise that the next time you babysit Bliss he will be as good as gold."Cupid said.

Zelena looked at him."Do I have your promise on that?"

"Yep sure do sis."Cupid said with a smile.

Zelena nodded and smiled at him than began dancing again.

"Hey why don't we limbo?"Cupid asked her with a silly grin.

""Zelena shook her head.

"Come on aren't you limber enough these days sis?"Cupid teased.

"Ah you know I am."Zelena said.

"Well than let's go"Cupid said and he snapped his fingers.

Zelena looked over and to one side and there were two people holding the ends of the limbo stick.

"Come on sis.If I'm game,you are too."Cupid said pushing her in that direction while taking off her silk cloak and setting it aside.Zelena sighed and shook her head with a grin than walked over to it.They started playing that silly limbo music and Cupid was the first to go under.Zelena followed suite.It was quite easy so far,the pole was up kind of high.But she couldn't wait until it got harder.

She looked around and noticed everyone else was looking at them.

"Well come one people's.If I'm game everyone else is too."she said to everyone.

"Who's next?" she motioned to where the line was suppose to be.

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