The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

A little more excitement...

Date: 10/25/97
From: Zelena

After the argument between Kim,Caesar,and Xena Zelena walked on the dance floor with Iphicles.She had a sparkling mischievious look in her eyes.Maybe from a little too much of Dionysis's 'special' wine.But Iphicles recognized that look.

"How's about we show them how to really dance."Zelena grinned teasingly up at him,her eyes almost appearing black they were so dark blue now.

"You mean *that* dance?"Iphicles said with a gleam in his eyes also.

"Yup."Zelena said grinning.

They began to dance slowly at the very beginning than it ended up more sensual and more erotic.It was a combination of dances.Parts of the lambada,the forbidden dance and several others.Lucky for her Iphicles was a great dancer.They had danced to this in the past.The rhythm got more and more hympnotic.Iphicles spun her around and caught her arm throwing her hard against him.They began to sway together,*very* intimately against each other.Her long gown swirled around a little past her ankles.After a few moments alot of the guests noticed the change in music and many were glancing over at them.Some walked over to the edge of the dance floor to watch how they danced.There were no words between Zelena and Iphicles the moves,the rhythm vibrated through them both as they swayed and turned and moved with the music.Zelena glanced out of the corner of her eye as she saw a few couples walk out onto the dance floor and begin to dance too,imitating Zelena and Iphicles intricate moves until they were beginning to dance sensually too.She saw Kiari and Auto begin to dance and Sinn and Iolaus stepped up too.Zelena looked over at Iolaus as he began to dance intimately with Sinn.She smiled over at Sinn giving her the thumbs up.Iphicles glanced at Hercules and saw that his brother and Jenni began to dance too.Destine and Sinbad joined in too.There was a small crowd gathered around the edges of the dance floor watching Zelena and Iphicles dance and watched as the other couples began to imitate their moves and catch onto the rhythym.She saw Skye,Meleager,Antiape's brother,Salmoneus, watching.Darnelle and nypmh finally began to dance too. Zelena was surprised to glance up and see Dite watching her and Iphicles.She looked at her a moment than Dite took Heph's hand and said something and they hurried out onto the dance floor too.Surprisingly she saw that Heph was a good dancer!And her mother,wow was she gettin the groove on;-P Caesar and Kim seemed almost oblivious and were still at the bar doing body shots.Gabrielle had walked up and Xena too and were standing with the crowd that was watching Zelena and Iphicles and the other dancing couples in the captivating and erotic dance.Zelena looked at Iphicles and saw him looking at her.She grinned and winked.Before she knew what she was doing she planted her mouth hard against Iphicles'.He seemed to be a little surprised for a split second than as they still moved together intimately,their hips swaying,he reached up and with both hands caught her face between his hands and brought her head towards him for another kiss.This time all she remembers seeing before him kissing her is his eyes staring into hers and the kiss was loooong and just as sensual as their seemed an eternity their lips were locked together.Iphicles' was the first to break the kiss and she looked up and was completely *unaware* that the dance had ended.No not ended,someone had turned off the music she realized because the other couples were still on the dance floor.But all eyes were on ehr and Iphicles.Iphicles was looking at her too.

"What?"she finally called to the silence.

Than she realized *who* had stopped the music and why everyone was looking at her.No they weren't looking at *her* but someone behind her. She pulled away from Iphicles and spun around feeling a little sizzy from all the wine and the exciting dance.Her eyes met Ares.Oh by the Gods he looked somber!No down right murderous.She watched as he slowly walked oevr to them,his eyes never leaving hers and they seemed to grow even darker to match his mood if at all possible.When he got over to them he took her arm in a vise like grip and glared at Iphicles.If looks could kill.. .Ares started to pull her away when she looked at his arm holding her tightly than back at him.She pulled his arm off of hers and now she was glaring at his almightyness.

'What?!You didn't want me to dance or something?"Zelena asked Ares glancing at him.

"Hey I like the dance.!!'Joxer called through the silence with a thumbs up.

Ares looked over at Joxer,his face menacing,clearly not amused. Xena looked at Joxer giving him a look that clearly meant*shutup*.

"How dare you act like some...whore."Ares said,pointedly mouthing the last word with a sneer.

"How dare *you*!"Zelena's eyes widened and she threw up a hand and slapped the God of War squarely across the face.

There seemed to be several loud gasps echoing throughout the room.They all watched in shocked silence.

Zelena reached up to hit him again when he caught her wrist and held it tight."Don't even try it...Don't make me get rough."Ares said his eyes seeming to darken even more.

"You get rough?"Zelena said through clenched teeth taking a step up to the War God.

Iphicles reached up and took her hand to pull her back but she shrugged from his grip."How's about we both get a little rough.Shall we?"Zelena said glaring at him.

Just when it seemed as if they were going to start physically fighting or something close to it Cupid stood between Ares and Zelena."Don't even think about it.We all know you two fight one moment and are intimate the next." Cupid said looking at Ares than at his sister,Zelena."But didn't either one of you hear what I just said a short while ago to Kim and Caesar?I will not stand fighting in my temple especially at a *party*.Not even from my own sister or from the Great God of War."

Hercules walked over too in case he was needed as another referee.Xena glanced over at them with dry amusement.

"Come on Zel,let's get some air."Iphicles said eyeing the God of War before taking Zelena's hand.Ares made a move to stop them when

Cupid said."Don't even think about it.No more fighting in my temple."

Zelena looked over at Ares and Ares looked at her.Both were still glaring and their old silent familiar battle of wills took place again as if they were peering into each other's soul and clashing together internally in a way most couldn't begin to understand.Than Zelena broke the impenetrable stare between them and walked outside with Iphicles to get some air.

A few moments of more silence as they all watched the two go outside when the party began to continue,as if no argument and nearly a fight had ever started.Music began playing again,only this time not the erotic, and sensual one to the dance before but quiet and soothing.The crowds split up and everyone resumed their partying.Ares watched too as Zelena and Iphicles walked off.A look of extreme jealousy still evident in his eyes.He walked across the room and began to talk to some of the guests,cooling his rage..

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