The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

A goddess comes a callin'

Date: 10/20/97
From: Ped

Ped is standing outside the Patio doors, letting the cool Autumn breeze waft over her skin. ~Jeez I even sound like a D@MN civilian in my thoughs now.~ But she closes her eyes and lets the night come to her. She hears footsteps behind her, and without opening her eyes she says. "What is it Iolaus?" She turns to him, and crosses her arms over her chest.

Iolaus is standing silhouetted in the doorway, looking at his friend. "You shouldn't do this to yourself Ped."

"WHAT? What am I doing?" She says while turning her back on him.

He walks over and swings her back to face him. Iolaus looks into the eyes of his friend, and former captor, searching for the person she was just six months before. "You Ped are keeping your feelings all locked up inside of yourself. Don't you know there are people who care about you here?"

Ped looks up into the eyes of her friend. ~It's at times like this Iolaus that I can see what Jenni, and now Sinn see in you.~ Ped lowers her eyes, and speaks. "I know that Iolaus, really I do." She moves out from his reach, wraps her arms around her, and looks out from the patio... not seeing the temple of Ares beyond, but looking much further away. "But what's bothering is so much more than most people can understand. I don't even think Kiari could understand, and she and I..."

Iolaus prompts his friend, knowing she needs to tell this to someone. "Kiari and you..."

"We are siblings, and have been so for longer than this planet has been in existence. I don't know how I know... or even how *she* knows, we both just know. I don't even think my baby sibling could understand what is bothering me now..."

Iolaus hears a commotion inside, but he wants to stay with Ped... "Ped I won't even try and understand what you just told me. But I do know that nothing is too large for just one person."

Ped smiles at him. "Believe what you will my friend..." She hears the commotion from inside. "I think you better go back inside. I'll be fine out here." At his hesitation, she speaks again. "Really I will... Go and rejoin the party." Ped turns away from him, and once more studies the night, Iolaus goes back inside the party.

Sinn sees him walk inside and goes to him. "Iolaus?" She says when she sees the look on his face. "What is it?"

"There is a priestess out there who is about as lonely as a soul can get... and she doesn't want any help from me, nor I think any of you."

Sinn looks at Iolaus, and wonders just what kind of realtionship he and Ped have. She knew Ped was the one responsible for the capture of Hercules and Iolaus earlier this year, but she still did not understand the events surrounding it. Sinn looked at the still open Patio doors, and says. "I'm not sure what to do Iolaus... but we have bigger problems now. Look who arrived." Sinn points with her chin.


"Yup. And people still aren't sure why she came."

<back on the patio>

Ped is standing admidst the moonlight, and slowly trying to come to terms with her reality. She does not even notice when tears begin to run down her cheeks...

"You know Giggles... you really shouldn't cry at a party. It depresses all the other guests, and it makes people wonder about that name I gave you."

Ped wipes the tears from her eyes with the back of her hand. Then she turns to the source of the voice. "Well I'll tell you what. You give me something to be happy about, and maybe, just maybe I'll stop feeling sorry for myself."

"Is that a challenge Giggles?"

"Yes it is. Now shall the challenge proceed?" Ped says getting into the spirit of the teasing.

"Yes I think it shall. Now should we join the party, or go somewhere else?"

Ped laughed at the gleam in the eyes of her "savior". "Join the party, I am after all still under the protetion of victory."

"And what a marvelous protection job she does." They loop arms, and head back inside. Everyone turns when Ped comes back inside... with a new guest on her arm! Ped smiles up at Draco as they enter the room.


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