The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

Confessions... well sorta

Date: 10/29/97
From: Ped

Ped looked over to where her fellow WACKO was... she smiled at seeing kriket once more. -So are you here to stay kriket?-

The answer, when is came was tenative at best. -Well shall see my friend.-

-Well when the latrest crisis is solved I'll fill you in. Meantime rip Kiari away from Auto and talk to her.- Ped saw kriket do almost that... but instead she was a bit more gentle in her approach to Kiari and Auto. Ped smiled again and turned back to the discussion at hand. The gods, and demi-gods, in the group had forgotten all about her. So Ped whispered "Psyche if you ever want a favor from me again..."

Psyche appeared next to Ped... but no one else noticed. -Only you can see me Ped... I'm using that trick you taught me.-

Ped rolled her eyes, when she realized just what "trick" Psyche was using. -Well get that pretty head of hair in here and solve this mess!-

Pysche just looked at Ped. -No, I won't. I'm gonna leave it to the professional.- Then Psyche disapeared from sight.

Hepheastaus looked over at Ped and raised his eyebrows, as if questioning her recent inaction. Ped merely shrugged in return, then she "muscled" her way to Aphrodite. Ped planted her feet and looked at Zelena and Aphrodite. "What do the two of you think you're doing?" Both women turn to look at Ped... each with her own reason for glaring at the priestess. Ped sighed and walked closer. "As I said before... get over yourselves! This family bickering, " she held up her hand to stop Zelena's protest, "Is not solving our problem."

Cupid stepped forward before either his sister, or mother, ended the life of Ped. "She's right ladies. Zelena, please let us handle this. MOM! Spill!"

Aphrodite looked between her son, Ped, and her daughter. She flicked her hair over her shoulder once more...


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