The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

The spell ends...

Date: 10/31/97
From: Ped

Ped watched as Aphrodite moved to touch Ares' forehead. A brief pink glow appeared and then he looked at Aphrodite. Ped smiled at the look on his face... ~There's the God I know, worship, and love... Yup Love would definitely be the right word for it...~

Aphrodite then walks, practically under the guard of Cupid and Ares to each priestess (and her date) in turn and does the same. She walks to Draco, but does not touch his forehead. "Cupid?" She turns confused eyes on her son. "Did you know this guy has one of your spells on him?"

"Yes mom I did. Now please leave it in place and remove the other one."

Aphrodite places her hands on her hips. "But the current match would be *so* much more in character with him. Having in love with "Blondie" is silly."

Ped steps forward and answers the goddess. She looks Aphrodite right in the eye. "Perhaps it would be... but *I* don't want this man in love with me. Love complicates things so very much... especially considering who the two of us are. I am happy with the way things are. Having Draco constantly trying to prove his worthiness to me would be embarrasing, for both of us. Besides Draco is becoming a better person trying to prove himself worthy of Gabrielle's love." Ped shoots a look at Ares, basically warning him not to contradict her.

Aphrodite notices the look. ~Strange priestess-chick. I know she and Athena are tight... guess I'll have to ask why sometime soon.~ "Fine, but still..."

"Aphrodite..." Hephestaus warns.

"Okay, okay." She removes the spell from Draco, and proceeds to the rest of the room. When she gets to Kiari and Auto she places her hands on her hips, and looks to the others. "I can't get to them."

Zelena looks at her. "Why not?"

"Because this is 'natural' lust. It'll wear itself out in time, but very little of this is me."

"Aphrodite stop making excuses and remove the spell from my sibling." Ped says, as she is rapidly losing patience with the Goddess of Love.

"What little I can." Aphrodite touches each person's forehead, and it has no visible effect on them. "Told ya." Then she moves to KimD and Ceasar. She rolls her eyes at the baby talk still coming from the pair. "Now this muss! I'll be happy to see this end!" She touches each person's forehead and both react differently.

KimD's eyes widen and she looks to Caesar. Ol' Jules <grin> merely raises an eyebrow at KimD. "So shall we get back to those enchanting body shots priestess?"

Ped just rolls her eyes and wanders towards the bar, as the "spell removers" move outside to finish the job. She eyes the bartender. "You really gonna stop coming to the parties here Jacen?"

The bartender, Jacen, looks at Ped. "I haven't decided yet Ped." He gets a wicked gleam in his eye. "Wanna convince me?"

Ped laughs at his remark. "Perhaps. What will it involve?"

"You. Me. A large tub of hot water, scented to *your* tastes... maybe even some massage comparisons."

Ped leans on the bar, her blue eyes getting a *very* deep blue. "Sounds intriguing... do go on Jacen."

Jacen smiles and says. "Oh I could elaborate... but it might corrupt your innocence." Ped leans into Jacen and whispers something in his ear. His eyes widen and his ears go red. He leans back and looks at Ped. "You'd really do *that*?"

"Sure, if it's for a good cause." She notices Draco coming out of the 'sleep' Ephiny put him under. "Gotta go Jacen. Let me know if your interested." She walks away and waves at him. She gets to Draco and sits next to him.

"So are you really starved for my beauty Draco?"

Draco rubs his head where Ephiny hit him. "Did I really say that Giggles?"

"Yup. 'Fraid so."

"Was that before or after the chariot ran over my head?"

Ped laughs. "Before Draco. Besdies it wasn't a chariot that hit you... it was merely the Queen of the Amazons."

Draco gets a look of admiration on his face. "She's a worthy adversary... perhaps one day we shall be allies."

"Perhaps Draco..." Ped can not say more because the 'outsiders' have started to return. And the party gets into full swing once more. Ped looks at Draco. "I think it's time you and I dance Draco." Ped pulls him out of the chair and onto the dance floor.

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