The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

New guests?More the merrier!

Date: 10/23/97
From: Zelena

Sinn walked back over near the bar where Zelena was standing and Jenni and Herc also.Iolaus was looking at Sinn lovingly and Zelena smiled.Those two were definitely in love one way or another she thought.

"So Zelena I've noticed that you and Lord Ares have quite a chemistry going tonight."Sinn said looking over at Zelena

Before Zelena could admit or deny it she saw Sinn glancing across the room.Ares was walking towards them his gaze riveted on Zelena.He walked up to her tracing her jaw with his finger staring at her intently.

"You are so beautiful my Sorceress."he said

"Oh yeah and don't forget warrioress."Zelena said with a playful grin.

"Let me get you another drink and let's talk."Ares said.

Zelena nodded but before she could say anything all eyes fell towards the door when they all heard noises coming from the temple entrance.

Everyone fell silent as they all watched who entered.Cecrops,Palemon,Salmoneus,Joxer,Ephiny,Xena and Gabrielle.Zelena watched as Sinn ran over and hugged Gabrielle and than Xena.jenni went over too but a moment later she ran out to the balcony doors.Zelena wondered what that was all about.Zelena knew all the new guests that had arrived.Some more than others.Zelena started to walk over to the new guests grouped together when Ares said."Where are you going?"

"Why to greet the new guests of course."Zelena said turning around looking at him.

Ares looked over at the group of new guests.Zelena looked at him."Come on.You're going to greet them too."she said and pulled his arm and Ares walked over too.

"Hey guys."Zelena said as she came over.Gabrielle and Ephiny looked up and Xena did too.They looked at first her than Ares.There was a few moments of silence.Sinn looked at them all looking at each other and held her breath hoping there wouldn't be any more arguments tonight.

Ephiny was the first to do anything."Long time no see."she said to Zelena.

Zelena went over and hugged her."Long time friend."Zelena said and smiled.

Xena looked at Ares."Hello *dad*."she said completely teasing but reminding him of one of their last encounters.

Ares looked serious for a moment,getting control of himself than he smiled that self assured dark grin looking at Xena."I see you're doing well."

"Quite so."Xena said. "Zelena." Xena said nodding.

Zelena looked over at Xena and nodded too.

"Hey!"Joxer said poking his way through the crowd."I heard about your latest War near Acropolis!"Joxer said making his way to Zelena.

"Yes I do remember that one.What a victory and what glories she brought me."Ares said glancing briefly at Zelena

There was a moment of tense silence between them all.Ephiny was Zelena's friend.She considered Xena a friend also but clearly Xena didn't approve of her warlord ways well than neither did Gab.But Gab was nicer about it.

Ephiny broke the silence yet once again."Well I always thought you should have been an Amazon too.Are you sure you're not one?"Ephiny said with a grin trying to penetrate the tension.

Everyone smiled or chuckled at that,the tension gone.Zelena smiled at Ephiny."That I'm not."

Joxer started to mention War again and Gabrielle elbowed him in the side and Ephiny frowned at him.

"Nice to see you too again Joxer and Cecrops."Zelena smiled at Joxer and nodded to Cecrops.

"Aye that it is lady."Cecrops said and came forward and kissed her hand.

Zelena grinned at Cecrops."My how courteous.But I am no-"Zelena stopped what she was going to say and laughed instead."Why thank you,Cecrops."she said and curtsied.Everyone laughed.

Zelena glanced over and saw that Salmoneus and Palemon had already began to mingle.Salmoneous was inspecting various things.And Joxer went over and was checking out the food.

Cupid appeared behind them."Ah,Xena,Gabrielle,Ephiny. What a surprise."And he nodded to Cecrops.

Xena looked around the place than back to Cupid."Nice party you got going here.the first of your new temple I assume."

"Yes that it is."Cupid said.

"Well it's very nice."Gabrielle said.

Sinn and Gabrielle began to talk.She could tell they were good friends.Zelena saw Ares glancing sideways at Xena."See you guys later."Zelena called and turned around.

"Where are you going now."Ares said looking down at her."

"We're going to have a dance."Cecrops said and stepped up besides Zelena."My lady will thou dance with me."Zelena laughed and made a mock curtsy again and Cecrops took her arm."Alright Princess.."he said.Zelena stopped and looked at him.

"*What* did you call me?"Zelena said looking at him.

"Princess."Cecrops said quietly with a knowing grin.

"Ah,I forgot that you knew.You see not everyone knows,well not *everyone*."Zelena said with a grin.'I hadn't been called that in years."

Ares looked over her shoulder at Ares."We'll have that talk later and you *owe* me another drink."she said with a grin and walked onto the dance floor with Cecrops.

"But how can that be?"Joxer said looking over shoulders as he pushed his way through the small crowd again.

Ephiny laughed and Gabrielle smiled. "She is..was."Xena said glancing at Cecrops and Zelena's retreating figure.

"But than of course you knew that didn't you Ares."Xena said glancing at him.

Ares grinned smugly."Why of course.I know *everything* there is about one of my warriors or priestesses,and in this case my priestess and warrior."

"I don't understand."Joxer said scratching his head."I thought Dite was her mom."

"Don't let her hear you say that.She doesn't like it much."Cupid said with a grin.

They laughed and Ephiny looked at Joxer.Sometimes she didn't think he was all there.Most people didn't."Her *father* was a mortal.A king..near Athens."

"Ah..."Joxer said.

They laughed and Ares looked at Xena.Ares,Xena, and Ephiny began talking casually.While Sinn and Gabrielle talked and hugged.Joxer went off again to look at the food..

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