The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

In My Room!

Date: 10/19/97
From: nymph

Well Ladies, I see the party is going nicely. It is *very* late so this will be short and I will elaborate tomorrow(today), I hope.


Nymph finished drying off from her shower and headed towards her bed. She double checked that she had laid out everything for her costume. Seeing everything there she headed to her dresser, where she powdered, perfumed and did her make up. She wondered what to do with her hair as she combed her long tresses. Deciding that down loose was the best she headed to her bed to dress. She slipped into the black velvet catsuit and smoothed the tight cloth. She then put on the thigh high, spike heeled, black suede boots. She checked the mirror to see if the feather boa she had attatched for the tail was in the right spot and returned to the dresser. There she placed the black velvet ears atop of her head, clasped the wide gold and jeweled collar around her neck, and hooked the thin, gold, chain leash to the ring on the collar.

~Hmm~, she thought as she checked her appearance in the mirror again. ~Not too bad.~

She checked the clock and wondered what was keeping her date. Then applied one more coat of white polish to her long nails.

~Damit, where is he?~, she thought as she paced the room. Hearing a knock she rushed to the door and pulled it open.

"Geez, where have you been?" she said as Draco walked into the room.

"I had trouble getting my costume, but I'm here now. Wow! You look incredible!" he said noticing her costume. "I love the leash," he finished with a wicked grin as he dropped his bag and pulled her to him.

"Thanks, I'm glad you like it." she smiled placing a quick kiss on his lips." But lets get you dressed, we're already late."

"I'd rather get *you* undressed," he said as he kissed her collar bone.

"Mmmm, what a lovely thought, but we really should get to the party."

"Hmm, I suppose your right." He kissed her exposed clevage, picked up his bag and headed into the bathroom to change.


Thanks {kriket} :)


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