The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

The fishiness abounds...

Date: 10/28/97
From: Ped

Ped was standing with Draco in a large group of people (Joxer, Xena, Gabrielle, Cecrops, Palemon, Meleagar, Ephiny). They were moving slowly towards a large table off to one side. Just as Ped was about to sit down she noticed KimD receive a blown kiss from Ceasar, and send one in return. Well she missed the chair completely and upon doing so she proclaimed "Oh My ARES!"

Draco helped her to her feet. "Giggles?" He asked concerned.

Ped swung her arm out of his grip. "I'm alright Draco. I swear it's at times like this that you forget that we tried to sell each other to slavers."

Draco gets a funny look in his eyes and he said. "I never forget anything that you do my darling Giggles." Then he bent down to kiss her.

Ped's eyes go wide, and just before he can complete his action she shoves him away. "What in the names of the 20 realms has gotten into you Draco? You're acting like some lovestarved fool for me!"

"I am starved. Starved for your beauty and..."

Draco was not able to continue because Ephiny knocked him out. Ped looks to her friend in thanks. "What is going on here tonight?"

"I have no idea. Everyone is being more possesive than normal." Ped looked over and saw Joxer and Gabrielle kissing passionately. "Oh Shades! Someone stop them before they do something that she'll regret in the morning."

Meleager pulls them apart, and he walks with Gabrielle outside. Xena takes Joxer to a corner and convinces him she really does want to hear his new verses to "Joxer the Mighty". The remaining people gather closer together and discuss what they just saw. Salmoneus speaks. "It's as if love was running rampant through the temple. Anyone with even a slight attraction to another person is falling in love."

Cecrops replies to him. "But why aren't the five of us effected."

"Because none of us favor the God of Love currently."

All eyes turn to Ephiny. "What?" Palemon speaks his disbelief first.

"Look around you warrior. All those affected tonight are people who either serve the God of Love, or are attached to those who do."

Ped begins to speak when they hear "MOTHER!" Cupid is striding across the room towards his mother and Hephestaus. Ped slips away from her friends un-noticed and gets closer to the Gods.

"What have you done?"

"I haven't done anything Cupid."

"Yeah Mom. Sure. Whatever. Why do I not believe you?"

Aphrodite's eyes get that hurt look she can sometimes get. "You don't believe me?"

"No Mom I don't. I think the idea may not be yours, but the powers definitely are, Psyche's behind this isn't she?"

"You could always ask your wife if you want to."

"I'm asking you mom."

Before Aphrodite can speak Ped does. "She doesn't have to Cupid. You amd KimD already put the pieces together... but you left out a very crucial one." All three gods eyes turn to Ped. "I'm not being affected because Psyche and I are friends. She would never do anything against me because she knows what I can do." She lets her eyes scan around the group. "As do the rest of you. I think Psyche is doing this for a reason Cupid... and your mother is helping her, Well Aphrodite?"


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