The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

Discussion and an Epiphany...

Date: 10/26/97
From: Ped

Ped noticed the newest guests arrival. "D@MN! What were they thinking about when they made up this guest list?" She mumbles to herself under her breath.

But she didn't say it softly enough because Draco heard her, even if none of the others in the group did. "What's wrong now Giggles?" Ped merely points to the door with her chin. Draco turns to look and sees a Dark brooding man, and a lovely Red-haired woman walk in. "So? I suppose they are someone important?"

Ped giggled at his statement. "Only if you consider the God of the Underworld, and the Goddess of the Spring important." Ped smiles at the look of body numbing shock that comes over Draco. ~Score one for the Warrior Priestess!~ Ped almost giggles at her own thoughts, but she restrains herself. She pats Draco reassuredly on the arm.

Draco finally recovers and speaks to her. "Did you have to drop that information on me like that?"

"Sure I did Draco. How often do I get to surprise you?" She smiles sweetly up at him.

Draco drags her into his arms, and dips her low. Then he growls softly to her, "You surprise me all the time Giggles." Then he kisses her.

Ped's eyes widen at the suddenness of the kiss, then she relaxes and lets the kiss run its course. When its over she has a hard time breathing. But when she is finally able to she says... "Well I don't know about *you* Draco, but I could use a drink." So she wanders to the bar.

Before she can get there though, she hears the unmistakable strains of the Lambada start, and she turns to see Zelena and Iphicles doing it ( >:) ) and others, including Destine and her date, join in. Ares stoppped it... then all Tartarus broke lose! But then Cupis stepped in and stopped it, and Dragonflyer went after Ares... Ped continued on her way to the bar.

Standing there is Persephone, alone. Ped gets herself some Orange juice and turns to speak to the Goddess of Spring. "So Persephone... did you like the present I sent you?"

Persephone turns to look at the priestess (she assumes) talking to her. She does not recognize her... then her eyes widen. "Ped?"

Ped smiles crookedly at the Goddess of the Spring. "You were expecting maybe Hera?"

Persephone laughs. "By the Gods no. I just didn't recognize you at first. You looks so different here."

"Perse... of course I do. Everyone does, even you. You still didn't answer my question though."

"Of course I did. My mother on the other hand..."

"Demeter wasn't *really* angry was she?" She knew her precious grape crop could still be hurt by Demeter, even if they were blessed by Dionysos.

"She was at first... but then I explained just why he was there and that you had sent him at my request. So she let me leave with him a few days early, with the promise that I'd return just that many days early. Oops! I shouldn't have revealed that should I?"

Ped winks at Persephone. "I won't tell a soul." Ped feels a pair of eyes boreing into her back, she turns and sees Hades standing behind her. "Well Hel-looooooooooo Hades! How ya doin' sweets?" Ped knows Persephone will not take this as a true flirtation, after all just becasue she's a MOT(VV)GC doesn't mean she tries to steal taken men.

Hades raises his eyes at the obviously easy manner in which his wife and this priestess... ~Ped wasn't it?~

-That's right Hades, Ped, and don't you forget it!-

Hades' eyes widen at hearing her voice in his head, few could project into his mind... and he could never remember a mortal doing it. He looked at Ped again, she was acting like she hadn't even done it. Hades wondered what the priestess of Ares was up to... -About Five feet Eight inches Hades...- The answer came into his head. Hades finally said something. "Stop that!"

Ped and Persephone both turned surprised looks at him. Persephone spoke first. "Stop what Hades?"

"Not you, her!" Hades says while pointing a finger at Ped.

Ped notices a few glances their way, she looks at the other people and raises her eyeborows, in an obvious "It's nothing" look. "And what, pray tell, am I suposed to have done My Lord Hades?"

"You're projecting into my head!"

"I am not! Stop accusing me of stuff I haven't done... the last person I projected into was..."

"That would be me Ped." Cupid says as he walks up to the group by the bar.

"What?!? I have *no* idea what you're talking about Cupid. Did you hit your head or something?" Ped says while stepping away from the bar.

Cupid took in a deep breath. "It's true Ped... you deliberately projected thoughts into my head."

"Same here." Voices Hades.

Ped crosses her arms over her chest. "So happy to know that two *Gods* think I have that ability... but I don't... at least not a concious level. Now if you two are done accusing me of things I can not do..."

Cupid places his hand around her forearm. "Hold it Ped. You said conciously, so you could conceivably read our thoughts, and respond to them at a subconcious level?"

Ped blew a puff of air at her forehead. -Kiari... Get your butt over here and HELP ME!!!-

Kiari was able to tear her gaze away from Autolycos when she heard her siblings call. She looked over to where Ped was. She saw her sibling admidst a group of Gods, Cupid, Hades, and Persephone. Judging by their body language both Hades and Cupid were upset with Ped over something. She stepped out of Auto's arms and said, "Excuse me. I need to go and rescue someone."

Auto glanced to where she was looking. "Of course my lady, go and save my favorite massues."

Kiari walked over to the others by the bar. She spoke non-chalantly. "You know Cupid, if you keep this up the mortal guests here are going to start thinking that the Gods are up to something." All heads in the group whip towards her as one.

Cupid turns to her. "This doesn't concern you Kiari... this is a matter over privacy."

"Meaning Ped here is able to read the Gods minds and you want to learn how she's able to do it. I could tell you easily enough... but I'd need an easel and complicated charts." Ped laughed at Kiari's comment, even Persephone had to smile a little at it. Neither of the gods smiles though. Kiari looks at both of them. "Will you two lighten up? For centuries the Gods have been able to know what is in the hearts and minds of mortals, now finally there is one that can do the same to us. Why does that frighten you so?"

Hades responds first. "As well it should be... we are their protectors..."

Ped finally speaks for herself. "Oh knock off the self-righteous CR@P! In case the two of you hadn't noticed I'm wearing a prayer robe." She points to her "costume". "And it's a not to any Greek God. I admit it, I can do more things than most humans... that's why I was able to send you both packing from the Guest wing a few weeks ago... But I did not deliberately read either mind, or project. I can sometimes hear thoughts about me, and I think their replies... but I don't know if I actually send my thoughts out or not. No one back home has had these powers in centuries... and it's frightening to think I might be the first." Ped looks to the rest of the room and notices that few others are looking their way, most are watching Ares and Jenni on the dance floor, or dancing themselves.

Pesephone speaks up. "You two leave Ped alone. She is more important than either of you could imagine." She looks accusingly at her husband. "Imagine thinking that Ped could have malicous intentions, Shame on you." Then Persephone drags him away, and onto the dance floor.

Kiari turns to Ped. -Well sibling mine, it looks like that little problem is solved.-

-For now baby sibling, only for now. You should get back to Auto.- Ped smiles at Kiari. Then Kiari goes back to him, and they once again embrace and start to dance.

Cupid turns to Ped. "You know Ped, it seems almost as if you and Kiari just talked to each other."

"Oh we did."

"But I thought you just said..." Ped places her fingers over Cupid's lips.

"Shhh... don't try to understand Cupid. Kiari and I still aren't completely sure how we do it. We just know it's through a method neither of us has used before and that no one else around seems to notice." Ped sighed. "But that's inconsequential." She turned to the God of love. "I think it's time Cupid."

Cupid looks at Ped. "Time for what?"

"Time for us to dance together. I honestly don't think I've seen you dance with anyone but your sister tonight."

"I danced the limbo." He states.

Ped speak while she drags him out onto the dance floor. When they are safely there, and his arms are wrapped around her for the slow dance that's occuring, she replies. "That isn't a dance. Limbo is a form of testing who's drunk." Cupid laughs at her comment.


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