The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

KimD gets ready...

Date: 10/18/97
From: KimD

KimD went through the closet for the 10th time and *still* didn't know what to wear. She had had the same problem with the masquerade ball at the Ares Temple and it was making her crazy. Suddenly she lost it and began ripping everything out of her closet and throwing it behind her while screaming her frustration.

"Ouch! Watch where you throw that stuff, you might poke an eye out!"

She turned around to see Cupid, his arms crossed, leaning agaisnt the door and watching her with amusement. A couple of pieces of clothes had landed on him. He brushed the one off his shoulder and took the black piece of silk off his head. "I'm preferential to this one."

Kim grinned and grabbed the lingerie out of his hand. "That is for private viewing only. It won't suit my purposes for tonight. Once again, I can't think of a costume to wear."

"Hmm. Well, anything's fine with me, as long as you don't dress like mom again. That almost affected me for life."

KimD laughed. "Don't worry. The *last* thing I'd want to do is having you think of me in a motherly way. So, do you have any ideas for me?"

Cupid looked thoughtful. He looked her up and down, making her self-conscious, though she loved every second of it. Then suddenly he pointed at her. "I've got it!" He then abruptly disappeared.

KimD sighed, plopped down on a pile of clothes, and surveyed the damage her little hissy fit had caused. Cupid reappeared almost immediately. He threw a red piece of cloth at her. "What is this? You didn't get it from Psyche's closet, did you because if you did you can take it..."

"No, it's not Psyche's. I got it from one of the other gods."

Kim held the item up to inspect it. "It looks more like you got it out of the rag pile! What the heck am I supposed to do with this?"

"Put it on."

"I have no idea where to start. Which holes are for what. There are a lot more openings than I have limbs."

Cupid sighed. "Here, I'll help."

"I was hoping you'd say that." Kim smiled wickedly. She undressed. After trial and error, Kim and Cupid were finally able to get the so-called outfit into place.

"Cool!" Cupid eyed it proudly. "It looks even better than I thought it would!"

KimD went to look in the mirror. Everything that needed to be covered was, but just barely. She had to admit, it *did* look good. And by now, she'd figured out who the outfit belonged to. "This is one of the Furies', isn't it?"


"I like it."

"So do I." He grinned and stepped forward, took her hand and pulled her close. "So, do I get a thank you?"

She pushed him away gently. "I'm not even close to ready." Upon seeing his pretend sad look she smiled and gave him a quick kiss. I still have my hair and makeup too worry about.

Cupid looked at her hair. "I see Bliss' damage has about half-way grown out. Now you look like a skunk."

"Watch it! I thought I looked pretty cool. It's kind of punk."

"You mean like Strife?"

"You have a point."

"Will you let me help?"

"You want to help with my hair?"

"Do you trust me?"


Cupid held his hand up and a brown bottle appeared.

"No! Not that again! It's just about done growing out!"


"It gave me *dandruff*"

Cupid laughed. "I know it does, but it's the price we have to pay to be beautiful. Besides the Fury I want you to be has my color hair. None have striped hair. Oh and her hair is much shorter than yours."

"Are you saying I'll need to *cut* my hair?" KimD got a look of panic in her eyes.

"I thought you trusted me."

"I do.... I think."

He took her to the basin of water, pulled a chair in front of it and sat her down. He leaned her head over it, straddled her, and proceeded to pour the peroxide on her head. KimD's heart started beating faster as he leaned in and his beautiful stomach came within inches of her face. She could get used to this.

Much too soon, Cupid stepped back. "All done!" He then sat her up, towel-dried her hair, and combed it out. Then he pulled out a dagger and began to cut it. KimD got nervous as she watched long pieces of hair. That was intermingled with excitement whenever Cupid's body brushed against her during the hair cutting. Whenever Cupid noticed her tensing up, he'd lean down and kiss her shoulder or neck or cheek. "It'll be awesome. I promise."

At one point, under the the strain of the dueling emotions, when he leaned down to kiss her forehead, she grabbed the strap at his chest and pulled him in until they were nose to nose. "This has been the single most intense haircut of my life. I can't sit like this much longer. Please hurry." She planted a big one on him before letting him go.

He looked at her with an evil glimmer in his eye. "Of course. It's almost finished. And, for the record, I happen to be finding this rather... erotic, too." Then, to be obnoxious, he once again straddled her knees, leaned in, pulled her face into his abdomen and cut some more off the back. KimD could barely keep herself from completely wrapping her arms and legs around him.

Finally, KimD stood before the mirror. Her hair was now very white-blonde again and very short and sticking straight up. "And this isn't punk looking?" She began to apply her makeup.

Cupid smiled and ran his fingers through it. "I think it looks great!"

"It looks like a longer version of your hair!"

"Hey, babe, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And I'm very flattered." He grabbed her and kissed her.

KimD pulled back and examined herself again. "You know, I think I do like it. She pulled Cupid close. "Thank you." He kissed her and he was just about to relieve her of her scrap of clothing when there was a knock at the door. Kim pulled away, breathless. "Oh, that must be my date."

"You date?" The right side of his upper lip lifted, as it always did when he was perplexed.

"Yes, my date." She walked to the door and opened it. "Julius! So wonderful to see you!"

"You look... fabulous."

"Why thank you. Now, come in!" She pulled him in. "You remember Cupid, right?" The men nodded recognition at each other.

Cupid smirked. "Well, I've gotta split and find some duds for myself. Later." He disappeared.

"Where's you costume?"

"I brought it. I'll get ready now." He went to the bathroom and came out a few minutes later.

KimD burst out laughing. "Great costume!" He had a fake black beard on, had brushed his black hair back, and had a black leather vest and pants on. "You're Ares, right?" He nodded. "I hate to be the one to point this out, but you have no chest hair. You don't shave your chest, do you?"

Caesar was indignant. "No, I just don't have chest hair!"

KimD smiled. "You look great. You like to dress as my favorite gods, don't you? Last time it was Cupid."

Caesar grinned. "Whatever turns you on."

"You certainly do. Now, I think I have some fake hair around her we can cut up for chest hair."

KimD and Caesar worked on finishing his costume....

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