The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

Ugly green monsters.

Date: 10/26/97
From: Destine

Destine watched as Zelena ran out the door to the balcony with Iphicles desperately trying to keep up. Not long after that Jenni and Hercules walked out there as well. ~So, what's going to happen next to shake up this party?~ Destine though, almost afraid to know the answer. Still lost in thought she jumped in surprise as an arm slipped around her waist.

"So, when are we going to leave this party? I have better things in mind than watching your temple sisters fight," Sinbad whispered in her ear. Destine had better things in mind as well but didn't want to leave so soon since it had taken her so long to show up.

"Be patient, sweetheart, we'll be going soon enough," Destine replied and turned in his arms to smile up at him. "Then you'll have me all to yourself."

About that time she saw Kim walk back towards her with Caesar in tow. "So, Destine, are you going to let other people dance with your date or are you going to keep him all to yourself?" Kim asked, with a glint in her eye.

"Well, Kim, you *are* welcome to dance with him if you like. That is if Sinbad doesn't mind, of course," Destine said and looked to Sinbad for his answer. Kim looked as well.

"It would be an honor to dance with such a vision of loveliness," Sinbad said and took Kim in his arms to whisk her around the dance floor.

"The two of you make a striking couple," Caesar said.

Destine was so involved in watching Kim and Sinbad dance she almost didn't hear his statement. "Oh...yes...thank you," Destine said trying to recover from her faux pas.

"I wouldn't worry too much about Kim taking him away from you. He seems quite taken with you. Besides, Kim will be busy for the rest of the night, " Caesar said with a leer.

Destine had to laugh. "Yes, I bet she will. The two of you and your preoccupation with body shots. I wonder about you sometimes."

"Don't knock it till you've tried it. It's quite a bit of fun acctually,"

"Well, then, maybe it's time I tried it. Maybe tonight...later on, of course."

"Of course. Oh, before I forget, here," Caesar said handing Destine a drink that he had in his hand. "This is supposed to be Kim's but since she's busy I don't think she'll miss it too much."

Destine took the cup from him and took a tenacious sip. It was pretty good. "What is this?"

"Rum and Coke. I thought you'd like it."

Destine watched as Kim laughed at some remark of Sinbad's as he still twirled her in time to the music. Unreasonably jealousy bit even deeper into her heart. Destine turned her cup up and drained it in one swallow.

"Slowly now, that stuff has a punch to it if you're not used to drinking it,"Caesar said, bemused by the way her jealousy was driving her to do something out of character.

"Oh, I'll be fine. I think I'll go get another."

Caesar watched as Destine walked toward the bar. He decided to trail along to see just what else she'd end up doing.

Destine reached the bar and ordered another Rum and Coke. She turned to look at Sinbad about the time the music ended. He bowed to Kim and started to walk off the dance floor. He got no more than half way before yet another of her sister's waylaid him and asked him for a dance. He took her into his arms as well and begain to turn in time to the music once again. Jealousy again reared it's ugly head. ~This is crazy,~ she thought ~I shouldn't be jealous any of them~ Despite her statement she turned that Rum and Coke bottom up too and drained it in one long swallow.

"Do you think that's wise?" Caesar said to her right.

"Oh, no, of course not. Why do you think I'm doing it?" she turned and ordered yet another Rum and Coke.

Just as she went to turn that cup up as well a large hand landed over the top of it. "I don't like to see any of my priestesses drunk, especially at the first party in my temple." Destine looked up to see Cupid standing on her left.

She looked to her right and then to her left again. ~The Rum and Coke must be messing with my vision~ she thought. "You know, the two of you really *do* look alike," she said voicing her thoughts outloud. "Maybe Kim's *not* crazy," she continued.

"Come on, let's dance. I've been needing to talk to you anyway," Cupid said as she took Destine's hand and begain leading her from the bar. Destine tossed back her drink quickly and let him lead her to the dance floor.


Ok, who ever wants to dance with my date after Kim is welcome to it. I'm bent on getting drunk anyway it looks like.


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