The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

An unexpected arrival

Date: 10/28/97
From: kriket

kriket stood just outside the gates of Cupid's Temple, wondering if she should really go inside. She had left so quickly, she was afraid the priestess' would be mad enough to turn her away.

"Are you going to go in or stand here all night?" Her guest finally asked her.

"Actually I thought I would stand here and see if the carvings on the door come to life or not." She replied sarcasticly. "Relax, I'm working up my nerve first." kriket took a few more deep breaths and pushed open the gates and walked inside.

The hallways were covered with all the traditional *scary* stuff, that usually comes with Halloween. "Looks good, even in here."

"I thought this was supoosed to be the God of Love's Temple." Kyrine commented.

"Oh shut up. You know that this is just here for the party. These ladies really get into their celebrations." She grabbed his hand and led him further down the hall. The sounds of slow, romantic music met her ears and she smiled. Immediatly turning red when she recognized the song as the one that had played on her first night with Ares. She looked out of the corner of her eye at the man beside her, and filled with guilt.

"I understand," He began. "It was something you had to do. Please don't be ashamed or even worry about it." He tipped her face towards him and placed a light kiss on her lips. kriket stared at him for a moment and then turned towards the music without saying a word.

When they finally reached the door, kriket gently began to push it open. As she stepped into the room, she felt at home. She smiled as she looked around and saw all the priestess, who she called friend. They were all to busy to notice that she was there and she took the time to collect herself and admire the decorations that filled this room. She noticed the guests that the priestess' had brought with them and giggled when she saw Han Solo standing across the room. "My hero." She whispered to Kyrine, still giggling. "Leave it to Destine to dress Sinbad up like that."

When she saw Cupid head accross the floor towards his mother, she froze. Perfect timing, she thought. First night back and someone's gonna get smoked. She almost lost it as she watched Ped sneak over to where the Gods were standing. You could always just read their minds Ped. she thought, to late to stop herself. She watched as Ped shoke her head as if trying to clear her thoughts. Damn, she heard me.

kriket let out the breath she had been holding when Ped returned to her overhearing ( I won't call it easedropping). She saw Ped saying something to the ones standing there, so kriket went back to looking around the room. Suddenly a cold chill went up her spine, as she felt herself being turned towards the patio doors. There stood Ares, the God she had given so much for staring at her in disbelief. Shaking her head at him, kriket silently begged him not to announce her presence. Ares, unfortunatly, decided otherwise.

"I see you have returned, my priestess."

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