The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

Something fishy going on!

Date: 10/28/97
From: KimD

KimD was floating on air during her dance with the handsome new visitor, Sinbad. She could definitely see what Destine saw in him. But then her gaze wandered back to Caesar, standing next to Destine. And she found that she missed him. After the dance, she wandered off the floor in a daze, straight for where Caesar was, almost running into Destine and Cupid on their way on to the floor.

She stopped and grabbed Cupid's arm. She saw Destine's eyes, a little glazed though the were, flash. KimD grinned because she knew exactly what she was thinking. Kim gave her a look to say "I am not stealing your dance partner," and then turned to Cupid. "We need to talk later. There's something very fishy going on here tonight."

Cupid nodded. "I've noticed it too. We'll talk."

KimD rejoined Caesar. She still couldn't figure out what happened that made her feel she needed to defend Caesar so badly. Of course what Xena did was a low blow, and being part Amazon and part Warlord, she knew she could hold her own, but Caesar didn't need her protection. But he was so darn cute. NO! There she went again! Never before would've she risked becoming Xena's enemy! Her heart was beating a mile a minute. She opened her fists, which had been closed tightly and wiped them on some of the actual material on her dress. She looked up to find Caesar staring adoringly at her. He leaned in for a kiss and she melted.

Then she pulled away. "NO!"


"Julius, don't you see, something's wrong? You never look at anyone adoringly."

"Well, I never had anyone before you I wanted to look adoringly at."

"Well, I want you to look adoringly at me. That's the problem. We don't love each other."

"I think I do."

"I think I do, too. But that's just it. We *think* we do."

"What are you talking about, my sweet?" He lovingly brushed some hair off her forehead (after the rough night, her 'do was starting to fail her). He ran hand down her face and she found herself turning to kiss his palm. She then took his hand and kissed each finger, taking them, one by one, into her mouth. She felt her stomach wrench. Caesar doesn't do loving gestures, and she had just had *no* control over her response. And she *hated* public displays of mush.

"I can't fall in love with Julius Caesar. Oh but I want to..."

Caesar smiled back. "You can fall in love with me. And I with you."

She was finally considering giving into the whole thing. It wasn't such a bad thing. It felt *so* good. Just as she was about to invite Julius to her room for a nightcap, Cupid came up behind her.

He took her arm. "Let's talk."

Caesar shot a look of jealousy at Cupid. "What do you think you're doing, boy god?"

Cupid's eyes narrowed. "You can have her back when I'm finished."

Before Kim realized what she was saying, she had Caesar's face in her hands. "I'll be back soon, my lo..., my lo..., my love." Sheer terror crossed her face. She had fought it, but the words had come anyway. And she truly felt what she said.

"Here's something to make sure you do." Julius gave her a deep kiss and the doubts and anxieties she had just felt disappeared. She returned the kiss. After about a minute, she heard Cupid's "Ahem." It was his third or fourth, but only the first she heard. She walked away with Cupid, holding Caesar's hand, touching his fingertips, until the last possible second. She looked over her shoulder repeatedly as they walked to another corner of the room. Cupid sat her down and sat in another chair facing her.

"Kim, I think I know what you want to talk about."

"Huh?" She turned glazed eyes upon him, then shifted them back over his shoulder towards Caesar. She waved and he waved back. He blew her a kiss. She caught it and clasped it to her chest. She blew him one back.

Cupid rolled his eyes. "I'm the god of love, and you two are still making me sick. He turned her chair around, moved his in front of her and forced her to look him in the eyes.

"Didn't you say you wanted to speak with me?"

"Yeah, but I can't seem to remember why."

"You said something fishy is going on. And I agree."

KimD shook the fogginess from her head. "Yes! There is! Cupid! I'm falling in love with Caesar!"

Cupid rolled his eyes. "That's fishy all right."

"I'm tempted to leave the Temples -- both of them -- to be with him. I was able to fight the strange sensations almost all night, but all of a sudden, I couldn't control them anymore. And the rest..."

"Yes, the rest of the Priestesses seem to be having similar feelings."

"This has never happened before. The Priestesses have had other 'entertainment,' and even other loves, but nothing to make us all act like this. And *all* in one night! And Ares..."

"Yeah, that's a weird one."

"Ares never prefers one Priestess over another, yet tonight he's acting very strangely towards Zelena! And all of a sudden, Sinn is falling in love with Iolaus, Dragonflyer with Hercules...."

"Kiari with Autolycus, and vice versa with the men."

"I saw the spark beginning in Destine's eyes! Jealousy! And nymph and Darnell were doing a lot of staring into each other's eyes! Hmm." KimD paused. "But Ped doesn't seem to be affected. She had a rough moment earlier tonight, but she and Draco seem to be having ordinary fun."

"But, Kim, what about Ares and Zelena. She doesn't seem to have gone goo goo over him, but he's throwing jealous hissy fits over her. I swear it wasn't me! Why would I want to make all my Priestesses fall in love w/other men, and I'd never curse my sister with Ares' affection."

"Your sister! Zelena is the only one not *attracted* to you Cupid. And Ped, while a big fan of yours, is a proclaimed Priestess of Ares and only Ares. That's why it's not important they fall for someone else! Though, Zelena was showing some interest in Iphicles. But it lacked the intensity of some of the others. Who would be the one person who would want your Priestesses to fall in love elsewhere?"

In unison, they said, "Psyche."

"But why would she be doing this to Ares? To punish him for letting us serve in two Temples? One would think she'd want him to want us all back."

"Who knows why women do anything. I'm sure you're right and it was vengeance on Ares." Cupid stood up. "Pschye's behind this, I know it. And I bet anything my mother knows about this. Probably helped her."


"Yes, my dear?" He squatted to eye-level with her.

"I still adore you, but I feel this horrible need to return to Julius. Can you take this off of me? I want to have the old lustful fun Julius and I have always had. This feeling, this intensity scares me."

"I'll try." He gently ran his hand over her eyes. "Well?"

KimD teared up. "I still want him worse than I've ever wanted anything. It didn't work."

Cupid stood up, turned, and strode towards the figures of Heph and Aphrodite. "MOTHER!!"

KimD booked it back to Julius.

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