The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

Showing her true colors...

Date: 10/22/97
From: Ped

Hercules had Jenni bent backwards, and was kissing her *very* passioately. Ped, never missing an opportunity for any kind of "calling", voiced her opinion of the kiss. "Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-Yi-Yi-Yi!"

At the sound of Ped's yell, Hercules ends the kiss and brings Dragonflyer back up into a standing position. She just stands there stunned, for a few minutes. Draco leans towards Ped and whispers "Was it good for you?" in a husky voice.

Ped can't stop herself... she just bursts out laughing. Her sudden change in manner causes everyone in "the group" to look she and Draco's way. Ped just start giggling at that point, and soon she is laughing so hard people are afraid she might die due to lack of oxygen.

Aphrodite watches the whole scene, and voices her opinion to Hephestaus (and anyone who can hear her, which is *everybody*). "I don't know what Ares sees in that priestess. She almost better suited to serve Athena."

Hephy ever ready to defend the priestesses who have befriended him, of which Ped is one, looks at Aphrodite. "She is one of the best warriors in the world 'Dite, and *she* choose Ares. In fact she used to serve Artemis..."

"But only Amazons serve..." Hephestaus merely raises his eyebrows at that. "You mean she's an..."

"An Amazon? Yes she is, but only by adoption. I think only Dionysis knows her true origins."

"Well she certainly doesn't look like an Amazon."

"You'll remember my love, that appearances can be deceiving." With that he got Aphrodite off the subject of Ped...

And Ped was finally breathing... well almost she was taking in breath while laughing. Draco was sitting on the floor by her. He smiled up at the others and said... "Everyone I want you to meet... Giggles. OWWW!" Ped was able to kick him in the shin, even in her incapacitated state...

yadda, yadda, yadda

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