The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple


Date: 10/28/97
From: nymph

Hi all, forgive me if this is lame, but I have writer's block.


Nymph headed towards Kim and Sinbad as their dance came to an end. While Darnell went to say Hello to Xena and Gabrielle. The music had ended and Sinbad had taken only a few steps when nymph reached him.

"Hello Sinbad."

"Hello. Nymph isn't it?" Another song began to play, a slow one. Sinbad smiled over at Destine as she walked to the dance floor with Cupid. "Would you care to dance nymph?" Sinbad asked as he offered her his hand.

"Why certainly," nymph replied as she took his hand and they began to dance around the floor.

They chatted as Sinbad swept her around the floor, but nymph couldn't help letting her gaze wander over to where Darnell was talking to Xena; she noticed his eyes seemed to be on her as well. Suddenly she was filled with the urge to run to him and wrap herself in his powerful arms. ~This is too weird ~, she thought as the song came to an end. Sinbad bowed gallantly and thanked her for the dance. He then walked over to Destine who had finished her dance with Cupid. Nymph spotted Darnell again and was nearly overcome with the need to be with him. ~ What the heck is wrong with me~, she thought and decided that she needed a drink. On the way to the bar she passed Cupid,who looked rather annoyed, and KimD who had a glazed over look as she starred back at Caesar. ~This is the weirdest party~,nymph thought as she watched Caesar blow a kiss to KimD.

Nymph ordered her drink as Darnell whispered in her ear, "Did you miss me?", he turned her to face him and encircled her with his arms.

"You have no idea, " she said as she threw her arms around his neck. She kissed him hungrily, and he returned her passion.They reluctanly broke their kiss as Cupid belowed across the room. Everyone turned to watch as he approached his mother with a look of fury in his eyes. Skye and Mikah joined them at the bar as KimD nearly threw herself into Caesar's waiting arms.

"Skye, Mikah, have you met Darnell?" nymph asked as Cupid and his mother's voices began to rise above the music. Soon Ped joins the mother and son duo and all three are in a heated discussion.



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