The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

Ped arrives...

Date: 10/18/97
From: Ped

Ped could hear the strains of the party starting next door. But she wasn't anywhere near ready to go over there. "By the 20 realms!" She shouted to her walls. "I didn't think it would be *this* hard to choose a costume."

A masculine voice behind her spoke. "You know Ped... you really shouldn't say the word 'hard' around men... not looking like you do."

Ped turned around to greet her visitor. "Well Ex-cuuuuuuuuuuse meeeeeeeee! Lord Cupid. I was not expecting any visitors." Ped flounced into her over sized arm chair... her dressing robe lifted briefly giving Cupid an enticing view of her legs, then it fell around her ankles again.

"I know you weren't... but you should always be prepared for *my* kind of visitor." His eyes sparkling at Ped, reminding her of the last time they had been near each other in Ares' temple.

Ped smiled at him and said... "I don't *have* to expect anything Lord Cupid. I am *the* syreena, and am only here because it is my destiny."

Cupid looked briefly at Ped. ~She actually has *that* much confidence?~

~Yes actually I do Cupid. My kind outdates your kind in this realm by at least sixteen centuries.~ Ped smiles at Cupid's look of confusion over her ability to read his thoughts. "Don't looked so shocked Cupid. There is more to the universe than can be explained by your belief system."

"Sometimes Ped I wonder how my Uncle Ares deals with your impudence."

Ped smiles at Cupid. "Oh I never act like this towards my Gertlaine. Especially when he has so much power over me."

"You're what?"

"That is a phrase from home Cupid..." Suddenly Ped's eyes widen. "That's it!" She leapes up from her chair and runs over to Cupid. "Thanks Cupid... I know what I'll wear tonight." She plants one on the God of Love, then she disappears from his sight.

Cupid is still standing in her room... stunned. "I don't think I'll ever understand *that* one."

Her voice lilts softly thru his head. "You weren't meant to... you weren't meant to." Cupid shrugs his shoulders and disappears.

Ped is in her room at the Dreamscape... she opens the door she found... and walks inside. She emerges in her room at the palace. She walks outside and spots the person she was looking for. "Wilbu!"

"Your highness! I should get your mother!"

"Don't you dare. I am here to get something for a party I'm attending, and I need your help to get it."

Wilbu looks to his princess. "And might that be? It's not gonna get me in trouble is it?"

"I don't think so... I just need you to get me my robe."

Wilbu steps back in alarm. "Just get her her robe she says! Oh that shouldn't be hard..." He turns to Ped. "Princess... didn't you know that all your belongings are being kept by your mother?"

"And I would learn this how?" She puffs some air towards her forehead. "Never mind I can get it myself Wilbu." She hugs him. "Please don't tell anyone I was here, you and I both know I returned 'illegally'."

She disappears from his sight. Wilbu speaks to the air. "Oh I know princess... but that might be your only option soon..."

Ped appears in her mother's closet. Two feet from her is her robe... she grabs it in her hands, and turns. Behind her is her brother, Brun. She merely raises her eyebrows at him, and disappears from his sight. Brun knows he'll have to tell everyone he saw his eldest sister... but he decides to wait until someone notices that her robe is missing.

Ped appears back in her room, and walks thru the door back to the temple. She sheds her clothing and slips on her robe... it fits just as it should. Ped belts it into place and she heads over to Cupid's temple to get to the party. She wonders if Kiari will notice her robe...


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