The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

The floor slowly rotates...

Date: 10/23/97
From: Ped

Ped was still leaning against Draco after her laughing fit when the newest group of guests walked in. She looked over and saw... Xena, Cecrops, Palamon, The irritating blond (holder of Tireas' right of caste)... and Ephiny? What was the new Queen doing at a party celebrating Cupid? Ped decided to ask her friend before the night was over.

Draco noticed the new arrivals. His eyes got a glossy quality to them and he said, "Gabrielle? She's here?" He moved to go and talk to her...

But Ped grabbed him by the arm. "Oh no you don't Draco. You and I *both* know about the last time you saw her, so if you even go near the irritating blond again..."

Draco laughs at Ped's comment. "I forgot just how much bitterness can live in your heart Giggles. But you really shouldn't say things like that about my woman."

"Lots of things can live in my heart Draco... but that's not the point. Gabrielle is not your woman, you've yet to prove yourself worthy of her." Ped stops herself right there, because she thinks about a conversation she had not that long before with someone else and his feelings of worthiness and Gabrielle. ~What is it about that *little* girl that entrances men so? I suppose I could ask Ephiny about her...~ "Besides you're *my* savior tonight, not hers." Ped starts to pout a little.

Draco looks at the priestess standing before him. "You know Giggles, it's at times like this, when I'm glad I didn't sell you to the slavers."

Ped giggles at the comment. "Funny Draco I could have *sworn* it was the other way around." Ped's eyes are dancing merrily at the Warlord, as she remembers just how they met. "Anyway I'm thirsty. You want anything?"

"Sure... bring me back a virgin..." Draco smiles at Ped.

"A virgin?" She prompts him.

"Oh any virgin... drink will due."

"I'm gonna remember you said that Draco."

Draco leans in close to his friend. "I'm counting on it Giggles." Then he backs up. He swats her on the butt. "Now go and get me my drink woman."

Ped shoots him a look of warning, but goes to get the drinks anyway. As she passes by Auto (who miracously was *not* attached to Kiari at the moment), she swatted him playfully on the arm. "Hey Auto, how's it going?"

"It's going," he said, downing his drink. "Would you like to dance?"

Ped grinned at him and they headed for the dancefloor. She forgot all about the drinks... Auto wrapped his arms around her, and they danced the slow number. Ped looked up into the face of the King of Theives.

"You should be careful you know."


"Careful, with Kiari."

"Whatever for, my darling massage priestess?"

"Because if you do *anything* to harm my baby sibling, I'm afraid I'll have to hurt you. You'll also have two *very* angry gods on your hands."

Auto pulled a little away from Ped, to look into her face. The look in her eyes, she never could keep her strongest emotions from reaching her eyes, told Autolycos everything he needed to know. Ped was sincere in her threat, even if the two of them shared a little something last spring. ~Still shocking that *I* could react that way...~ he thought as he remembered the party from last spring. "You never did tell me why you and Kiari call each other sibling. She's a desposed goddess... you're a... you're a... I'm still not sure what you are."

Ped smiled at that. But a few people on the planet knew everything she was, and of those only one was in the room at the time. Even Ares did not know everything, she had been able to keep some secrets, even from him. "I am exactly what I appear to be, a blond chick with *way* too many opinions, a producer of high quality WHOOP @$$, a master at eight different weapons, a warrior, a bard, an Amazon, and definitelty a priestess of Ares, with some admiration for Cupid, Artemis, and Athena."

"That's not what I mean Ped. Everyone here knows something about you, and some of us know more than others, but no one here knows exactly who and whast you..."

"Kiari does. She's known since she regained her memories, well most of them anyway. Besides this is a conversation for another time, when I have time to explain the mathematics behind it." Ped smiles impishly at Auto. "For now just accept that Kiari and I call each other sibling, and that we have good reason for doing so." Ped heard the last strains of the song. "Well the songs almost over Auto, and I've yet to be dipped." Ped said, referring to a *very* private joke between she and Autolycos.

"At my lady's pleasure." Then just as the song ends, Auto dips Ped backwards. She feels her hair brush the floor, and knows exactly what her robe is showing to Draco... who was standing line-of-sight to her dip. Then Auto let her up.

"That's the best *dip* I've had all night Auto."

"Of course. It came from... the King of Theives." He says while playing with his moustache, in that way only Auto can. "Now I do believe it's time you returned to Draco... he looks like something's the matter."

Ped sighs when she realizes that her second dance (and probably last of the night) with Auto is officially over. "Just matters of the heart. But don't worry I'm gonna try everything I can to keep his mind off it."

Autolycos laughs at her commnet. "I'm sure you will... you can be very persuasive when you want to be..." Auto looks up and sees Kiari walking to him. When she gets there he says, "My lady." Then he sweeps her away.

Ped chuckles then goes to get her and Draco's drinks. She brings them towards him.

"About time Giggles, I'm parched here."

Ped gives him the drink carefully, even if she does want to throw it at his face. "Oh I'm sorry Draco... one virgin isn't enough for you?"

Draco begins to belly laugh at her comment. "never!"

Ped sips her drink, and doesn't respond. She looks at the doorway... and spits her drink on Draco!

"PED! What was that for?"

Ped merely gestures to the two newely arrived guests. Destine dressed as a slave dancer... and a man dressed as... Han? ~Han? Han? How do I know someone named Han?~ Ped shrugs her mental shoulders at the thought, then goes over to greet Destine and her companion.


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