The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

And another bust the dust...

Date: 10/20/97
From: Ped

Ped is busy knockin' em back when she feels a presence... one she knows *very* well. She turns to find her God standing behind her. His arms are crossed across his chest, and he has a disaproving look on his face. She decides to get cocky. "Is there something I can do for you Ares? Or are you just going to stand there... with that frown on your face?"

"I want you..."

"Oh Gertlaine I know... but I'm sure that's not what you came over to talk to me about." She turns back to the bar, and grabs the shot of vodka prepared for her. Just before she's able to knock it back, Ares takes it from her hand.

"Getting drunk is not the way to celebrate the first party in Cupid's temple Ped."

"Seez you! In case you hadn't noticed Ares, most of the founding priestesses in your temple are leaving you... TheRose, Pyro, kriket, Manto, and many others... even those still at the temple seem to be distant and ready to leave. Maybe I'm doing this because my friends are leaving... maybe I'm doing this because I *want* to! Ever think of that!" Her volume had risen throughout the speech, and by the time it was over everyone in the room was looking at them.

"Ped, you're drunk... You have no idea what you're saying." Ares tries to steers Ped away from the bar, and out the door.

"Get your damn hands off me!" Suddenly Ares is thrown across the room. All eyes turn to Ped... a strange green light is surrounding her, it's color menacing.

Kiari breaks away from the embrace Autolycos has her in, despite being loathe to. She runs straight for Ped and tackles her to the ground. "PED! Stop this now!" Ped turns her eyes on Kiari, and the goddess gulps. She had never in her entire immortal life seen her sibling like this. "Ped, stop now."

Ped merely laughs at her sibling. "Do you really think you can stop me little girl?" With that the two disappear in a flash of light and sound.

Ares does not what just happened... he knows only that he can no longer feel their presence, anywhere. All he can do is scream....

*****************The 14th Plane of Casting***************************

Ped and Kiari are floating in a vast sea of nothingness... But neither is in her "normal" form. Each is appears as their siblings selves. Kiari shoots a look at Ped.

"Why in the name of the 20 sacred realms did you bring us here!?"

Ped shakes her head to clear it. "I don't know. Suddenly I was overtaken by all my emotions. It was if, as if..."

A third voice says... "As if you had lost control of yourself Ped?"

Both women turn to see the third person there. "Kia!!" They yell in unison.

Ped speaks first. "But I thouight you were too busy messing with your own godly powers to deal with your twin and I."

Kia smiles at Ped. "Oh I'm never too busy for Kiari. So how's it moving Kiari?"

Kiari smiles at her twin sibling. "Well except for the fact that Ped just blew all her gaskets, threw her God across a room, and basically destroyed what little protection she had left... not much."

Ped turns an eye to Kia. "Why am I here Kia? And why did Kiari join me?"

"You two are here to be 're-set'. Your knowledge of each other will remain... but your powers from home are going to be removed. Or have you two forgotten that we are supposed to be incognito in our reborn forms?"

Both priestesses look down... and mumble a "no kia".

"Good... now let me take your hands..." They join hands and the two priestesses can feel their sensitivty to lines fade. Kia releases their hands. "There now it's complete. I have no idea how the two of you were able to do it... but I think I know. Now remember no more reality hoping..." This directed at Kiari, who immediately gets a sheepish grin on her face. "And you eldest sibling... act your age. You have six children for goodness sake. Atleast try and act mature! Now I'm going to re-set time so that the entire incident never occurred."

*******************Back in the Temple of Cupid**************************

Sinn whispers to Zelena. "Can you believe what Ped just did? Imagine being able to throw a God across a room with just a thought."

"It's a power she should not have. The council may have to look into this..."

Then Kiari and Ped reappear in their midsts. Everyone gives Ped a wide berth, not sure what she might do next. Ped heads to the bar, and Kiari heads to Auto. When each priestess gets to her place, time reverses and starts again... leaving only Kiari and Ped with the memories of what really happened.

Ped is once more knockin' em back... but this time with less enthusiasm, because now she knows why she was doing it. ~Damn Kia's meddling ways. I maight've needed those powers in the coming struggle.~ She feels a presence behind her, and she turns to see the disapproving visage of her God. "Yes Ares?"

"You really should drink in moderation Ped."

"Should but I'm not... now am I?" She turns back to get herself another shot. She lifts it, and with a quick twist of her wrist she downs it.

"Ped... my darling, darling masseuse. Please you must stop this."

Ped turns to face Ares again, her eyes flashing. "Oh Really?" Her voice dripping with sarcasm. "And just what would I get out of it?"

"Me. All to yourself tonight."

Ped starts laughing at that. "You really think that'll tempt me to stop drinking Ares? I mean how long were we together, every night? Wasn't it something like a month? No thanks... I'd rather sleep with Cupid."

"That can be arranged my pet."

"I am not a pet Ares." With that Ped turns back to her drinks.

Ares loses his cool, and grabs her spinning her toward him. "Don't trifle with me little girl."

"I'm not little, and I am *certainly* not a girl Ares." With that Ped reached up and took his face between her hands. "I think I should demonstrate." Ped kisses Ares letting all her feelings loose in the kiss, her anger, sadness, and frustration. When it's done both particpants are breathing heavily. Ped looks over at Cupid. "There's one right there Lord Cupid." She winks at Cupid, and walks away from Ares. She heads out the doors, to cool herself down.

And remember everyone most of the middle stuff didn't happen... only how it ends matters. (Kiari take all this into consideration....)

yadda, yadda, yadda

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