The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

Change your partner....

Date: 10/19/97
From: Ped

Ped had just been abandoned... again. ~Jeez it's at moments like this when I wish I could pick just one guy...~ Ped shakes her head at the thought. She'd never pick just one guy... doing so might jeopordize his life, or her own. ~Damn that stupid prophsesy! I haven't believed in it in almost eight years... but all the events of the last few months...~ Ped shakes her head to clear it of all the thoughts of home and duty. ~Not the place for this Penjustice Elora Danara... Not the place.~

Ped's eyes widen when she realizes to her self what she just called herself, she looks around to see if any of "the mind readers" heard her. Kiari looks over from her dance with Auto and winks. ~Great... At least Kiari kept the others from hearing...~ Ped heads towards the bar, her mind made up... She's gonna get flat on the floor drunk tonight! For the first time in years!

Just before she reaches the bar... the strains of a limbo comes from the speakers around the room. Ped whirls and sees Cupid, and his sister (and a fellow priestess) Zelena begin to Limbo. Zelena calls everyone to come and limbo... and Ped is the first in line!

Ped walks easily under the limbo bar... it's so high. Following her are KimD,Sinn, "Ares", a couple of vampire/ Bacchi, and two "Cowpokes" (At least that's what Kiari said they were sometimes called). The limbo contest got very competive quickly. First to go was Cupid... he wasn't as limber as he seemed. Then Iolaus, Jenni, and Sinn, one right after the other. The bar goes to Ped's midthigh level and she eyes Zelena, the one person in front of her... and Zelena makes it. Ped takes a deep breath and silently thanks Ares that she hadn't started drinking yet... because no matter how much she may like to limbo while drunk, she is so much better at it sober. Ped easily clears the bar, and she claps her hands when she's done... She also plants one on Hercules (who was conveniently nearby).

He's a little startled by her actions because Ped had never shown any interest in him before. But the demi-god realizes that she was just ecstatic at clearing the bar.

KimD clears the bar, as do both Caesar and Kiari. Auto doesn't make it because... Ped and KimD had been standing there, distracting him during his turn. The bar goes lower and Zelena fails to clear it. Ped clears it again, and she thinks ~all those months of training to join Sennia's troupe certainly helped~. KimD fails to clear it because both Auto and Ceasar are busy distracting her... obviously Auto believed turnabout was fair play. Kiari clears the bar too. The final two contestants hug each other.

"So sibling mine... who do you think is going to win this?" Kiari asks Ped.

"I'm not sure sibling... but at least it'll stay in the family." Kiari and Ped both smile at the still confused looks they're getting from the people around them. -So do you think we should clear up the confusion? I mean obviously you're immortal in this form...-

-Nope... we're gonna keep 'em guessing awhile longer.- Kiari winks at Ped, and the two start laughing.

Ped takes her turn first... the bar is now down to her knee level. ~Great how am I gonna do this?~ Ped bends backwards... it a most vulnerable position, and clears the bar... barely. Then Kiari takes her turn, and she does not clear the bar. Ped claps her hands and runs to Kiari. -You let me win!- She acuses using mind speak.

-Nope... Big sibling you've always been the more limber of the two of use... even in our current forms.- The two hug and Ped is announced the winner by Cupid.

She turns to him, her eyes sparkling. "So what did I win Cupid?"

He smiles down at the priestess of Ares. "This." Then he bends her backwards and kisses her, much to the enjoyment of the party goers. Admidst the catcalls and cheers issuing forth from the attendees, Cupid finally lets her up.

Ped takes a deep breath and looks up at Cupid. "Not bad Lord Cupid. But I've had better." With that she shasays her way to the bar, leaving a stunned Cupid behind her.

Just before Ped reaches the bar though... she hears a noise at the door. She turns to see it...

yadda, yadda, yadda

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