The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

The night is lovely...

Date: 10/27/97
From: Dragonflyer

After Zelena and Iphicles left, Jenni sat down on a stone bench. The night was beautiful with only a slight chill in the air. Hercules looked down at her.

"You know, you do look like Gabrielle," he said trying to make conversation.

Jenni looked up and smiled. "Kind of scary isn't it? Gabby and I used to switch places all the time as kids. We had our families wondering who was who."

"I bet that caused quite a scene. So, you're a little mischevious, huh?"

"Used to be. I guess I've calmed down a lot since my parents died."

Hercules sat down next to her and put an arm around her to keep her from shivering. "Must be hard not having ANY parents around."

"Well, I do have a brother. I guess that counts for something."

"Enough of this sad talk. I rather think you're beautiful when you smile."

Jenni blushed at his comment, unsure of how to take it. "Thank you. This has been quite a party, huh?"

Hercules laughed. "Breaking up two fights and watching the jealousy fly through the air... yeah, I'd say it was quite a party. My nephew will never forget it. But then, it is a god's party that we're talking about."

Jenni shivered again at the closeness of Hercules and he just brought her in tighter.

"Are you extremely cold?" he asked her.

"No, not really. It's just..."

"Just what?"

"There's something I want to tell you, but I can't think of the words."

"A bard... speechless? That's a new one. Sometimes, we can't get Gabrielle to shut up."

Jenni giggled at that comment. She remembered the times that she had fallen asleep during one of Gabrielle's longer talks. "Well, if I can't think of the words... maybe I could use actions instead."

"Sharades? Are you serious?"

"Not sharades... look, just sit there. Alright?"

Jenni ran her fingers down Hercules' cheek. She looked into his eyes, which she often found hard to do when she liked someone, and leaned forward. She brushed his lips with hers, lightly, and made a trail of kisses down to his neck. She lingered there for quite some time, passionately kissing his neck. A low moan escaped his lips and Jenni smiled, inwardly. She looked into his eyes once more, grabbed his face in her tiny hands and kissed him very passionately. All of her senses were lost in the kiss and it somehow seemed magical. Jenni felt a presence behind her and she broke away turning around.

"Iolaus? What are you doing out here? Where's Sinn?" Jenni asked.

"Sinn is inside. I needed to talk with someone so..."

"You came looking for me?"

"Actually, I was looking for Herc."

Hercules stood up. "Let's take a walk." He turned to Jenni and scooped her up into his arms. "Go back inside and warm up. I'll be back later." He planted a hard kiss on her lips and let her down. He smiled at her as he still had his arms around her. "Wait for me by the bar."

"OK," Jenni said, shaking a little from the forceness in his eyes and kiss (but it wasn't out of fear... I can't think of the word right now).

Hercules turned her in the direction of the Temple and shooed her away by a little hit on her butt. She was stunned at such an action since Iolaus was the only one to ever have done that to her. She was falling deep for Hercules and she was loving every minute of it. She went inside and waited at the bar for Hercules to return... but could she wait too long?



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