The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

calming Ares yet again...

Date: 10/29/97
From: Dragonflyer

This seems to be my job tonight...

Jenni led Ares away from Zelena before he could do anymore harm. ~Zelena owes me big for this one~ Jenni thought. As they reached a wall, Jenni lightly pushed Ares to it. "Ares, what is wrong with you? You are a lot smarter than this... you should know what's going on."

Ares took his gaze off of Zelena long enough to look at Jenni. "Huh? Going on? What are you talking about, girl?"

"Come on... can't you see that your feelings for Zelena are sparked by something magical? I know I can sense it and I'm only learning my powers."

Ares patted Jenni's head like she was his daughter or something. "Your imagination is running wild again. Maybe you should take a little nap."

"I am NOT a child!" Jenni yelled at him through clentched teeth. "My imagination is not running wild and I don't need a nap. Do you really think I'm head over heels for Hercules?"

Jenni could see a little rage form in Ares' eyes. Yes, he's in there... somewhere. "Hercules? What do you see in him?"

"Everything," Jenni said with a sigh. "He's wonderful... strong... handsome..." Jenni shook her head at these thoughts. "No, I can't think this way. Ares, please... look inside yourself and find the real god of war."

Ares looked into Jenni's eyes. The cloudiness in his eyes was fading a little... Jenni thought she could see a small flicker of fire. "Excuse me, my dear, I need to go and speak with Aphrodite." Ares kissed Jenni on her hand and strode across the floor. There was no way Jenni was going to stop him. Now, she needed to stay away from Hercules for a while... or until this situation was handled.


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