The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

Ares in trouble...

Date: 11/7/97
From: Dragonflyer

Sinn motioned for Jenni to join her and she sat down next to Gabrielle.

"Well, someone else is missing..." she said.

"Who?!" They all looked at Jenni... even Joxer.

"Salmoneous... he was over by the buffet table last I saw him, and now he's gone!"

Sinn put her face in her hands. "This is horrible. What has this party come to?"

Jenni reached over and squeezed one of Sinn's hands. "It's alright, Sinn. This is defintely not any of our faults." Just then, Jenni suddenly stood up... a dazed look on her face.

"What's wrong Jenni?" Gabrielle asked concerned for her friend.

"Something's wrong with Ares," Jenni replied.

Sinn looked up, worried. "Ares? He only took the new priestess back to his temple. Sure, he looked mad but..."

"No..." Jenni interrupted. "Something's not right. I sense Ares is in trouble but it's not Ares."

Xena and Gabrielle exchanged confused looks. "Jennifer," Xena chimed in, "what do you mean it's not Ares?"

"Well... it seems like Ares but different. I can't explain it." Jenni turned to Sinn. "I must go back to Ares Temple and find out what's happening."

Sinn stood. "I'm going to."

"What about the party?"

"What about it? KimD can take care of things... now come on, let's go."

Together, Sinn and Jenni left the party and headed for the other Temple.



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