The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

She vanishes before their very eyes...

Date: 11/5/97
From: Ped

***Author's note this is going to be a prelude to something else... something I am going to write... you'll just have to wait and see <G>***

Ped dragged Draco onto the floor, he resisted her all the way. But once there the (now) reluctant warlord got into the spirit of things. Ped smiled up to his face. "So tell me Draco. What do you think of the party?"

"Almost as exciting as the last party I attended at *your* temple Giggles... although not as much food being projected."

Ped started laughing at his comment. She had heard about Diviant's birthday party and the food fight therein... she hadn't been able to attend as she was on her vacation to Thesicly at the time. "Well you've gotta admit, when we priestess throw a party... we *sure* do throw a party." She inched her body closer to Draco's.

"I don't *have* to admit anything. OW! Why'd you kick me?"

Ped smiled innocently up at Draco. "Did I kick you? Oh I'm sorry that must be my innate clumsiness showing through."

Draco snorted at her comment. "You clumsy Giggles? Hardly."

Ped lead the warlord off the dance floor. "It's true you should have seen me a wee bairn, all elbows and legs. It was pitiful. I don't think I would be anywhere I am today if I hadn't been that clumsy as a child."

Before Draco can answer the newest priestess at Ares' temple... Amethysta arrived. She looked around nervously and headed right for Ares. Ped saw her walking towards Ares and said... "I have a bad feeling about this..."

Everyone heard Ares say "Hera."

Immediately Aphrodite walked to him and said. "Old cow face? What's she want?"

"I don't know... but apparently she up to something..."

Ped did not stay to hear the rest of this conversation. She turned to Draco and smiled at him. "I think we should leave this place, while there's still time."

"I agree. So which wing?"

"You lead, I'll follow." Ped replied in her best... 'command me oh brave warrior' voice, the one Draco loved to hear.

"By your command Highness." He teased right back. Ped merely shot him a look. The two walked quickly (but not *too* quickly) towards the door. The joined hands and walked through together. He let go of her hand, briefly so he could grab a torch for the walk back. Draco turned to Ped... but she wasn't there! "Great Giggles. Must you pull that stunt now?!?" Draco didn't hear her normal give-away giggle, and he began to get worried. He put the torch back and wandered back into the party.

Draco looked around and didn't see her anywhere. Standing nearby were Kiari and Auto.

"Hey Draco... I didn't think even *my* sibling was that fast!" Kiari teased him.

Draco turned to the priestess/immortal, his worry for Ped was evident in his eyes. "She's missing... we were headed back to the WW for some... massage comparisons, when suddenly she was gone."

"Gone?" Auto sat up a little straighter. "That doesn't sound like Ped at all, usually she gets a massage in first." He umpfed when Kiari elbowed him.

"This is serious Auto." Kiari's eyes closed briefly and her breathing deepened. Suddenly her eyes snapped open, and she leapt from Autolycos' lap (where she had been nestled). She ran to Ares, who by this time had lots of others around him trying to figure out what Hera could mean by her message. "Ped is gone Ares!"

Ares' eyes turned to Kiari. "She's probably off with Draco somewhere." He turned back to the others.

Kiari grabbed his arm and spun him back towards her again. "No I mean she's *GONE*, as in not anywhere that I could 'scan' her. Try it for yourself."

Ares concentrated on Ped... and felt a nothingness where she should be! He turned to everyone. "Well I guess I know what Hera's message was."

Aphrodite spoke up. "But why her? Why a masseus from your temple? Hey didn't you lose another one during the summer?"

Ares' eyes light up at that. "Yes I did, Surabufix. What made you think of that 'Dite?"


The party-goers where left to wonder exactly what had happened to Ped, and Kiari and kriket walked towards each other, both fearing for Ped.

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