The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

Zelena arrives...

Date: 10/18/97
From: Zelena

Zelena walked fromt he baths and into her own rooms. She could hear the activity below and she guessed that several guests had already arrived. She walked over to the balcony outside her window and looked down. She saw a couple people come in but she didn't know who they were,it was to dark to see.

"Ah, Samhain/Halloween is my favorite holiday."she thought.

"I know it is. And it is mine also." She heard a voice behind her and she turned around.

She saw Ares standing behind her. She smiled. She should have known. "Must you always read my thoughts?"

"Why of course." He said walking over to her. "And you kou you can read my thoughts too whenever you want. So fair is fair. "He reached out a hand and held her in his embrace looking down at him. His dark eyes gleaming devilishly. "I know.." she whispered looking at him.

"And what am I thinking right now?" He asked looking down at her, knowing full well that she knew.

He appeared on her large bed. "Care to join me?" He said with a wicked gleam in his dark eyes.

"Hey that is *my* bed." She said looking at him.

"There's plenty room for two." He said patting the bed.

"Hmmm..." She said as if she were thinking.

"Do you want us to fight first like usual? Than maybe you'll have a mind for something else..more pleasant. Though I can't think of one thing more stimulating then ..War." He said mouthing the words.

"Oh you are a bad bad thing aren't you.." Zelena said teasingly and walked over to the bed. Ares pulled her to him...

A little while later,Ares left and Zelena could get dressed than. She hoped she wasn't late. But she didn't think that she was. She dressed as a dark sorceress in a long floor length black gown that clinged to her every curve and perfection. The sleeves were tight and stopped at mid arm where the rest of the sleeve flowed down touching the floor. The bodice was a lace up or in this case... lace down top. It showed several inches of smooth flawless skin. She wore a very long black silk cloak with the hood hanging down her back. Her long medium brown hair flowed freely to her waist and the ends were just slightly wavy while the rest was straight. Her high cheekbones showed especially well tonight and her lips were a natural dark pink which she made darker with makeup. She checked one more time her appearance in the mirror and satisified she drew the hood up over her hair and face and walked out of her room and down the hall at the top of the stairs,her gaze met that of Ares. He was wearing his regular dark leathers and he couldn't look more handsome in anything else. He saw her and made his way through the small crowd and to the foot of the stairs. She walked down slowly,her eyes never leaving his. When she got to the foot of the stairs he held out his hand for her and she smiled at him and took his offered hand and walked across the room. She nodded to some people she passed. She saw Hercules and Dragonflyer and Kiari and Autolocys there and Sinn. She smiled at Kiaria and Dragonflyer and Hercules glanced oevr at her. Iolaus winked and she smiled than he turned his attention back to Sinn. He pushed back the hood of her cloak. "I had to see your face." His gaze took in every detail of her. Ah,black is your color. It does you great justice." He said grinning at her. Her eyes were almost glowing in their intensity tonight. And the color was dark dark sapphire blue. "Care to dance my wicked sorceress?" He asked her his black eyes twinkling.

"Dance? Are you serious? I have *never* seen you dance before,not ever!" She said looking at him incredulously.

"Ah but that does not mean I can not,does it?" Ares said his eyes boring into hers.

She looked at him with a smoldering sultry stare and nodded her head. He took her hand and walked out onto the dance floor..

Priestess to both Ares & Cupid
Keeper & Organizer of Cupid's Love Missions
Priestess of BabySitting Bliss
Keeper of the Bow
*Death's Kiss*...

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