The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple


Date: 10/31/97
From: KimD

Fighting the feelings all night and drinking all that alcohol and resulted in complete loss of control once the dam of feelings were let loose. KimD became completely overwhelmed, and as Cupid crossed the room to where his mother and Hephaestus were standing, she ran back to Caesar, leaping into his arms and wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. She barely even noticed Skye, Mikah, nymph and Darnell standing there beside them.

They kissed. "Did my widdle snookums miss me?"

nymph heard this exchange and looked over in surprise, half expecting Caesar, Mr. Appearance, the cold fish himself, to drop her on her rear.

He didn't. He set her on the bar though she kept her arms and legs around him. "He sure did. Did my widdle pookie bear miss her widdle snookums?"

"You know she did!"

<THUMP> (sound of nymph's jaw hitting the floor)

The bartender made a gagging sound and rolled his eyes.

Darnell wrapped his arms around nymph's waist from behind and whispered in her ear. "What's wrong with those two? Didn't they ever hear of getting a room?"

nymph just shook her head. She was speechless. These were two of the least likely baby talkers she'd ever met in her life. At least in public.

KimD had Caesars face in her hands. "Luv muffin?"

"Yes, my little red-hot sex kitten."

"Meow." They kissed again. "Poopsie, you have such pretty br..., no gree.., no... well, whatever color... you have such pretty eyes. They really turn me on."

"You have beautiful eyes, too, love. I can feel the passion in them."

"I do?"


"Well, yours are much sexier."

"No, I think yours are."

"No, my sweet." She squeezed his chin playfully. "Yours are."


"You both have the world's most beautiful eyes. Now get the Tartarus off my bar and get a room before you make me vomit!" The bartender shoved Kim's butt off the bar and wiped the spot off.

Caesar still had a hold of Kim, who was still wrapped around him. He gave the bartender and evil look. "If you don't watch your step little man, I won't show you the mercy of breaking your legs."

The bartender sneers at him and heads for the other end of the bar.

"Oh don't mind him," KimD cooed, drawing Caesar's attention back. "Let's go sit in the corner over there."

As he carried her away, nymph could hear, "You have great cheekbones."

"No, you do."


She turned to Darnell. "There is something *very* wrong here."

Darnell looked into her eyes. "Yes there is. Our lips are too far apart." He grabbed her and kissed her passionately. She responded and immediately forgot whatever it was that had so concerned her seconds before.

Skye and Mikah looked on in amazement. Mikah looked over at Skye. "Looks like fun to me!" And before she can say a word, Mikah has her in a passionate embrace and is kissing her.

At the other end of the bar, Destine is watching the scene between Caesar and KimD with concern. She says aloud, "They are acting really oddly."

Sinbad brushes her hair off her neck. And kisses it. Her knees turn to jello. "What are you doing paying attention to the odd people when you could be paying attention to me, my love."

Destine sees the logic in this, and turns to give her attention to Sinbad, wrapping her arms around his neck. They begin to kiss just as the bartender approaches. "Oh brother! Not again! What is wrong with this place? It's the *last* time I take a job in the Temple of Love!"

In the meantime, a much more level-headed Dragonflyer tries to control her overwhelming emotions by dancing with Joxer, but she still cannot door, hoping Hercules will step. Joxer cannot keep his eyes off the same door, where Meleager had taken her outside. The two vie for the position of facing the door, and soon begin spinning quite fast, each anxious to regain his or her view of the door. Since both are watching the door and spinning at a high speed, and neither are watching where they are going, they run right into Autolycus and Kiari who are no longer even dancing, they are just standing in middle of the dance floor staring at each other. They all fly to the floor, landing on their butts. Kiari and Auto barely notice and just get back up, take each other in their arms and once again begin to sway to the music. Jenny looks at Joxer. "You know, after that dance, I'm feeling a little warm. I sure could use some air."

Joxer jumps up, and pulls Jenny up. "I could too. Wanna go outside and get some?"

Xena, upon hearing only the last line lifts an eyebrow in amusement.

Moments later, kriket approaches Kiari and Autolycus and begins the chore of separating them.

Sinn notices Dragonflyer and Joxer heading for the door to get some air and decides that it is getting awful warm in here. She'd go get some fresh air, too. And it had nothing to do with the fact Iolaus was out there! Really! Once she has herself convinced, she headed for the door.

At this point, Ares has joined the group surrounding Aphrodite. Ped has just finished yelling at Zelena and Aphrodite, with Cupid voicing his agreement. Aphrodite flicks her hair over her shoulder with a "humph." She and Zelena both emphatically put their hands on their hips.

Cupid sighs. "So, you're not going to budge, mom?"

"I'm so sure! I told you I don't know anything! All your Priestess chicks already had the hots for these guys! What makes you think this isn't all a natural reaction from being in your Temple?"

"I suppose the fact KimD got ten times worse after the Hephaestus incident had nothing to do with you."

"Of course not! As if! What do you take me for? Someone who would be *jealous*?"

"Fine mom. I won't pressure you anymore. You're probably right."

Ped and Zelena looked at Cupid in surprise. Ares did more than look. He stepped forward. "Well I will! How dare you put one of your ridiculous spells on me!"

Aphrodite whined, "Cuupiiid. Tell Ares to back off!"

Cupid raised his hand to silence everyone, for it was obvious Ped and Zelena were also about to put their two cents in.

"Lay off mom, everyone. She's had a rough day." When everyone started to protest, he raised his hand again. "Mom, I've been meaning to tell you, do you remember those two royal families who swore from the birth of their kids they'd put up a Temple to you should their children ever marry each other?"

"Yeah, sure I do."

"Well, I've decided they aren't right for each other. I'm going to arrange for her and the son of that king been warring with to fall in love. I think it might help the situations."

"Cupid! What are you doing?"

"Nothing mom, I just thought I'd catch you up on things. Oh, and another thing. You know those families who are going to tear down two of your Temples and build a new one to Athena, in honor of the new found peace, should their children get married?"

"Cupid, don't you dare..."

"Mom, I think they're perfect for each other. I'm going to make them fall in love tomorrow when their fathers arrange for them to meet for the first time."

"Cupid!!! You're trying to punish me!"

"No way, mom. I'd never do that. Just telling you how it is."

Ares smirked. For a wuss of a god, he sure had a way with Aprhodite.

"Oh, and one more thing. You remember that town that's building a statue in your honor? Well, I think the vote was really close between a statue for you or a statue for Artemis? Well, I've been thinking, that young man you convinced to vote for you by promising him the affection of a certain young lady? Well, I think she'd be much happier with that young Artemis supporter. She's a lovely young girl. Good head on her shou..."

Aphrodite crossed her and stamped her foot. "All right! All right! I'll fix them!" Aphrodite looked up. "Psyche, babe, you're on your own." She turned to Cupid. "After all the trouble I went to to make sure you could have Psyche, I don't see why you need to spend so much time with these *mortal* groupie babes of yours." She elbowed Heph. "And you too."


"I'm going -- though you need to realize, many of them already felt some level of love for each other. I just upped it a bit into more of, oh, an obsession. Are you sure you want me to do this? You really need to spend more..."


"I'm going!"

"Me first." Ares stepped forward.

I hope what I did w/the other Priestesses was OK!


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