The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

Uh,oh a bit of trouble...

Date: 10/28/97
From: Zelena

Iphicles walked with his arm around Zelena's waist as they walked slowly back from the courtyard. As the rounded the corner and started up the temple steps they heard a loud yell from inside."MOTHER!! !"

They stopped walking and Iphicles looked at her.Zelena looked at him."That's Cupid."she sighed and rushed up the temple steps and took a deep breath before entering.She needed to be calm.She wondered what was going on now.And she hoped that once inside Ares didn't decide to talk to her or throw a fit of jealousy again at this time.She still hadn't cooled off entirely from earlier.They stood in the entrance.Zelena looked around.Most everyone seemed to be normal..well almost.Over to one side of the room,she saw Cupid was striding over to his mother and Hephaestus was next to Aphrodite..And he looked very annoyed.She watched a moment and saw Ped come up behind the arguing duo.She saw Jenni come across the room to head over to them also.She watched as Cupid and Dite began to argue.She saw the fire in her brother's eyes and the warning signals.He may be the God of Love but he had a fierce temper nonetheless.She started to walk inside and over to them.

"You're not going over there are you?"Iphicles asked.

Zelena looked back at Iphicles."Of course I am.I can sense when there's danger signals here.And my brother seems a bit annoyed at the present.So I assume Aphrodite's up to something or has done something."

"Why don't you call her mother?"Iphicles asked looking at her.

"who?"Zelena asked drawing her attention away from the argument and back to Iphicles.

"You know perfectly well who I'm talking about,Zelena...Dite."Iphicles said.

"Oh is there need to?""No I don't think so."Zelena said.

Zelena headed over to Cupid when Iphicles said."If you're going.I'm going with you."Iphicles said and walked over to her.

Zelena waited for him to catch up and smiled at him,kissing him softly on the lips than they both started again walking across the room.

Just than before they got half way there Ares stood in front of them,his arms crossed.He glared at Iphicles,than looked at Zelena.He abruptly took her hand."Let's dance?"

Zelena looked at Ares like he was completely insane.Dance?!By the Gods they were nearly at each other's throats but a little while ago.

"Of course I'm not going to dance with you right now Ares!"Zelena said shaking her hand free from his grip."Don't you remember our argument earlier or have you forgotten?"

"Oh yes..that.I remember quite well.But I forgive you for your unsuitable actions earlier."

Zelena lookd at Ares,astounded."Excuse me..did I hear you right?Forgive *me*?!"Zelena tried to calm down.she was getting ticked off again at his almightyness.

"Quite so..after I deal you your punishment."Ares said with a smug grin.

Before Zelena could say anything he had pulled her to him in a brief second and had pressed his lips against hers very hard and fast.He didn't let go of her for a few moments.Just when she was about to kick him hard..he ended the kiss but was still holding her tightly.

"Sufficient punishment?"Ares asked looking down at her with his smug grin,his eyes a little cloudy.

Zelena got her breath and looked at him.By the Gods he seemed strange.Ares was holding her tightly against him and while a couple of their earlier kisses she had enjoyed,she was still too angry to enjoy this one.She pushed on his chest so he would release her but he didn't."Let go of me.."Zelena said deathly quiet.

"But the fun has only started.Let's go to your rooms,shall we?"Ares said.

Zelena's eyes widened.Ares was definitely acting strange and he was *definitely* fueling her anger.

Iphicles noticed Zelena's increasing anger so he said to her."Aren't we going to go over and 'speak' with your mother and Cupid and Hephaestus?"

"Yes we are."Zelena said struggling in Ares grip.She looked over at where Jenni,Heph,Ped,Aphrodite,and Cupid was.They seemed oblivious of anything else but their argument.This time it seemed Cupid wasn't going to act as referee.

Ares glared over at Iphicles."Leave us..mortal."And with a nonchalant flick of his arm,Iphicles went flying across the room.

She couldn't believe Ares!Of course he could be jealous but this time he was insanely so.He still wouldn't let her go.Zelena looked over as Iphicles went flying across the room."That did it!"she said through barely contained fury.She snapped her head around to look at Ares.Her eyes were glowing.She kicked him hard where it really counted,even if he was a God.Than when she broke free from his grasp she jump kicked his chest.Ares seemed stunned a moment.But as he looked at her there was both fury and..passion..and love?in his eyes.How could that be,she thought.She noticed different conflicting emotions go across his face,and he stood up slowly,his eyes riveted on her.Very rarely did her eyes glow golden,but this was one of those rare occasions.She held out both hands forming a fireball in them and in an instant it took shape and she hurled it right at him.Ares went flying across the room this time.She glared.Did she really do that?She thought.She didn't want to,but Ares was impossible!And he had thrown Iphicles across the room."Iphicles."she thought and looked over to where he was.He was sitting on the floor.She ignored several people that had watched this take place and rushed across the room to Iphicles."Are you alright?!"she asked,looking down at him.

Iphicles looked up at her and saw her concern."Yeah..I'm alright."he said shaking his head as if dizzy.Zelena reached down to help him up,and when he stood she looked at him.

"Are you sure you're okay?"she asked.

Just than Hercules and Iolaus walked over.

"What happened?"Hercules asked striding over to them quickly.

"Ares slung me across the room."Iphicles said rubbing is head.

"I can't believe you slammed Ares across the wall."Iolaus said looking at Zelena.

Sinn walked up too."what happened?"she asked.

As Sinn walked up Iolaus gazed over at her lovingly and walked over to her,putting an around her and kissing her gently.

"I can't believe you guys are in the mood to kiss at this moment." Hercules said.

Zelena nodded and put her arm on Iphicles shoulder."Are you sure you're alright?"

"Don't worry about me.Im okay,and I am a warrior too,incase ya forgot."Iphicles said."But Ares had better not throw me across the room again."Iphicles said frowning."Or I'll.."

"Iphicles you can't do anything to Ares,to hurt him enough.He is a God you know..He could have hurt you and if he had of.."Zelena let the sentence trail off.

"Hey if Jenni were over here it's be a different story now wouldn't it?"Iolaus said glancing away from Sinn for just a moment to look at Hercules than he looked back at her.

Ephiny,Xena,Cecrops,and Salmoneus came walking over towards them.Close behind was Joxer and Gabrielle and she had her arm around him and they stole loving glances at each other.

"What did happen?'Xena and Ephiny asked in unison.

Zelena turned around to look at all of the people that were starting to come over.

"Your eyes..."Ephiny said looking at Zelena.

"What's wrong with them?"Zelena asked.

"Hey your eyes are almost!"Joxer said.

"It happens.."Zelena said.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Ares coming towards them,all the way from across the room.But instead of walking all the way."Ephiny.."zelena said glancing at ehr."Could you get some ice for Iphicles?"

Ephiny looked at her and nodded.

Ares stopped across the room and raised his hand."Zelena felt herself being lifted off of the ground."

Heph,Dite,Ped,Hephaestus and Cupid had been oblivious of most of the scene since it had happened so fast.They hadn't seen Ares throw Iphicles across the wall.A few of them had seen Ares go slamming across the wall,but they hadn't seen Zelena do it.Jenni looked up just in time to see Ares being slammed against the wall. Ped turned around and looked too.So did Heph.Dite and Cupid finally glanced over too.Cupid saw that the others were looking at something so he looked over too.His eyebrows raised as he saw the War God crash into the wall.He didn't see how it happened but he knew it had to have something to do with Zelena and Iphicles because he saw Zelena walk away and rush across the room to Iphicles.He was sitting,half lying on the floor.He didn't see how he had got that way but he watched as Zelena helped him up and he saw Iolaus,Sinn,Hercules,Xena,Gabrielle,Joxer,Salmoneus,Cecrops,Ephiny and several others walk over to Zelena and Iphicles.Everything happened so fast and his eyes widened a little as he saw Ares stand up and start to walk over to the group where Iphicles,Zelena and some of the others were when he stopped and raised out his arm and levitated Zelena into the air and she came fast through the air and landed right infront of him he let her go,and she dropped in his arms.He saw Zelena's eyes widen too as she was dropped into his arms.And he saw her surprise than..anger was it?Cupid watched and started to walk over to them.

There were several gasps and talking as some more priestesses and guests were watching.

This had happened so fast too.Now she was in his arms.Surprisingly Ares crushed her lips to his."Ah you like to play that way?"

"That's right!You had no right to do that to Iphicles!"

"I like a little excitement."Ares eyes cloudy but sparkling at the same time.He pushed his lips to hers again.

"ARES!!!"Zelena yelled pushing her head back.What was wrong with him?!She thought he would at least be furious at what she'd done,and she was prepared for his anger.But he seemed to like the 'excitement'.Well he had always liked excitement but this was definitely different!

"Something is definitely not right here."she said quietly to herself.Than she realized Ares was still holding her."Put me down!!"she yelled.

Ares put her down this time and she stood with her hands on her hips,biting her bottom lip not knowing what to do now.Something was definitely 'fishy.'

By then most some others had come over including Cupid and Aphrodite and Hephaestus and Jenni and Ped.

Zelena turned around."Cupid something is not quite right here!"

"I know.."Cupid started to say as he walked over.But he stopped as he looked at her eyes.They were golden,glowing.That's how they were when she used any of her powers at all.

"Zelena are you the one who knocked Ares against the wall?"Cupid asked.

"Of course I did!He threw Iphicles across the room and Ares is being absurd.He is acting more jealous than usual.and he won't stop kissing me.And furthermore he didn't do anything to me for hitting him with the fireball!What is going on Cupid?"she looked at Cupid.

Ares walked over to Zelena and kissed her neck."Wouldn't be talking about me would you?"

"Would someone please *help* here?"she asked.

Jenni walked over and took Ares arm to lead him away to divert his attentions for at least a short while.She smiled over at Jenni."thanks."she mouthed.She watched as they walked away.Ares still stole smoldering glances her way..

She saw Aphrodite,Heph,and Ped near Cupid.She looked at Aphrodite.Aphrodite looked like she was up to something or had been.Cupid walked a little ways away from the small group so they could talk a moment.

"I've been trying to get mom here to admit that she helped Psyche do this!"Cupid said glancing over at Dite with an accusing glance. And not just to Ares so he'd fall for you but to others too.Haven't you noticed something a little odd tonight about several of the others?"

Zelena thought.She had seen some of the others seeming to be in love but she didn't really think something was up than."But why?"

Cupid told her what he and KimD had come up with but Aphrodite still wouldn't admit she'd helped Psyche.

"Psyche seemed so sweet..I wouldn't have thought she'd have wanted this to happen.But than again Bliss seemed sweet too..."Zelena thought aloud.

" offense Cupid.I love Bliss he's my nephew,and all but ya know.."

Cupid nodded.He knew what she meant.He could be a handful sometimes.

"What are you going to do?"Zelena asked Cupid.

"First things first.Get mom to admit she helped Psyche.And I know she did..who else could have done it?But you know mom she can give you the 'innocent' act or hurt look that you'd think she'd do something like that.But we both know her better than that don't we?"Cupid said looking at Zelena.

"We sure do."Zelena said.Cupid headed back to the small group with Heph and Dite and Ped nearby.Zelena followed him.Zelena glanced around,she saw alot of the others that weren't in their small group looking at them from across the room.No doubt wondering what everything was all about.Zelena thought

Aphrodite looked up as she came over too.Zelena glanced oevr at Heph.She remembered what had happened with the last 'Love' incident when Bliss had caused trouble and made Zelena fall for Heph and Hades fall for Zelena and Sinn for Iolaus and Kim for Hercules.But Dite probably didn't know about that time.But this time she had a hand in the trouble this time.

"So are you going to tell us?"Zelena said glaring over at Aphrodite.Zelena and Aphrodite simultaneously put their hands on their hips and tossed their hair back.

Cupid glanced at Zelena and than his mom.Gee they do do things alike sometimes.He shook his head.They probably wouldn't like to hear that though..He glared over at his mom too."Mom... .we're waiting."Cupid said crossing his arms over his chest.. .

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